How the Tennessee Titans injuries change game vs Atlanta Falcons


The Tennessee Titans had a tough challenge ahead this weekend playing against an Atlanta Falcons team that had some rest. However, things just got a lot harder with two of their top players going out, and another starter set to sit.

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Marcus Mariota

Mariota is out officially, which is fine. Everything I hear and read, screams that Mariota was trying to force his way onto the field this weekend but that he was held back to make sure he is healthy long term. That is the right choice by all involved and if it was Ken Whisenhunt’s call then we need to (begrudgingly) applaud him for choosing Mariota’s health over his own job which is very much at risk.

Zach Mettenberger will be in the lineup for the first time this season, and while that isn’t the best case scenario, it will be fun. I will talk more about this in another story later, but it will be fun and inefficient which might just be the key to a trap win.

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  • Perrish Cox

    The Cox injury is a killer. When Cox, McCourty and Sensabaugh are all on the field in their correct spots they are a very good combination. However, if Cox is out that forces Blidi Wreh-Wilson into the lineup which is, frankly worse.

    BWW doesn’t make the plays that Cox does and he doesn’t have the range, but honestly he hasn’t been as bad as everyone thinks. He has been in good position, but he just can’t track the ball. Can his size and speed help him against a big WR like Julio Jones, or will the Titans have to dedicate a lot of special attention to him?

    Harry Douglas

    Like I said a few days ago, if Mariota sits expect Douglas to sit. There is no reason for the Titans to play him over DGB with Mett in because while Mariota is methodical, Mettenberger loves forces his huge targets to make plays. Sometimes this works out very well. Other times it ends up with Hunter in the hospital after taking a viscous hit.

    Either way, Douglas is an effective underneath receiver and seems to run his routes well, but that doesn’t matter as much with a quarterback like Mettenberger so this will be an interesting change of personnel and play calling.

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