Tennessee Titans practice notes: 10-22


The Tennessee Titans are getting a lot of publicity as they prepare to take on a very good Atlanta Falcons teams. While most everyone is trying to figure out Marcus Mariota, there are a couple of other interesting stories to address. Let’s dive in.

(Any quotes in this post are taken from Jim Wyatt’s twitter feed, which can be found in that link.)

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Mariota sits again

So, again Marcus Mariota sat out of practice so many are speculating that he could miss this week. While he isn’t ready today, he is getting better according to Ken Whisenhunt who said, “Mariota is still improving. He is doing really well.” Will he play this week, I don’t know, but again Mariota is a tough individual who has no quit in him. Titans fans should be going out of their way to praise him.

If Mariota is out, obviously his backup is Zach Mettenberger. The former LSU Tiger is a fun prospect to watch, and he may be the polar opposite of Mariota. Mettenberger is going to air it out, and will likely target Justin Hunter and Dorial Green-Beckham far more than Mariota has because he loves the home-run ball.

Mariota is an outstanding, methodical player who will slice you up bit by bit like a Tom Brady would (not comparing the player, just the skill set right now). Compare this to a Joe Flacco, who will take some dump offs underneath, but if he sees a guy with a little bit of space on the outside he is going to heave that ball. It will be interesting to see who plays this week, and how well the Atlanta Falcons do preparing for the uncertainty.

As a side note, Whisenhunt did say today that Charlie Whitehurst could play. Wyatt said it like this, “Whisenhunt said there’s a scenario where the #Titans dress all three quarterbacks.”

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  • DGB time?

    Since his first touchdown grab against Joe Haden in Week 2, Titans fans have been itching to see more of Dorial Green-Beckham. He is been outstanding in the redzone and looks like a steal in the second round.

    Well, Titans fans may get to see him more than ever this week with an unfortunate rib injury slowing down Harry Douglas. If Marcus Mariota does sit, I would imagine that the Titans sit Douglas as well, for two reasons.

    Firstly, Mariota seems to love Douglas. He is constantly targeting the veteran receiver no matter if he is open or covered, and despite his high drop rate he is still Mariota’s favorite so far.

    Secondly, a huge target like DGB is exactly what Mettenberger needs. The second year quarterback does a lot of things well, but he has never been accused of being an accurate passer. DGB does a great job shielding defenders from the ball and/or grabbing the ball at its peak. If he can do that Sunday then not only will he help Mettenberger, but he may prove to the coaching staff that he is ready.

    Return of the Hill

    Remember when the Tennessee Titans had another nose tackle last year? You probably don’t because it has been one of the most under the radar stories this year, but Sammie Hill was actually a really good player for this team in 2014. However, a knee injury has plagued him all season and he hasn’t been able to get back in the game.

    Well, with Hill progressing and this run defense looking terrible last week, we might see the veteran come in and take some snaps this week. While I don’t expect it, I would love the Titans to run a defensive front (in their 3-4 look) where Hill takes over the nose, Jurrell Casey anchors his 5-tech spot and DaQuan Jones gets a breather. Jones has been surprisingly good this season, but he is essentially a rookie and he has taken more snaps than any Titans defensive lineman who isn’t Casey.

    Let the young man rest and don’t risk an injury to a player that may finally be starting to hit his stride.

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