Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 7


If last week’s loss was tough because it was so close, this week’s loss was tough because of just how inept the team looked. Offensively they couldn’t find a rhythm and the Miami Dolphins spend more time in the backfield than the running backs. On defense, the team lost contain on nearly every play and looked like the 2014 unit which played on it’s heels and out of position nearly every game.

I have very low hopes for this week’s rankings, and we are dangerously close to taking an early look towards draft season.

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NFL.com: 29 (Last week 23)

“That was one unhappy Ken Whisenhunt after the 28-point loss to the Dolphins on Sunday. Tennessee keeps coming up short, so the frustration is certainly understandable. However, Whiz was ticked off in the postgame about Marcus Mariota taking what his coach perceived to be a cheapshot from an Olivier Vernon. Yes, Mariota suffered a sprained MCL on the play — which is unfortunate — but it sure didn’t look intentional. Vernon put two moves on the blocker in front of him, then either was knocked into or stumbled into (or both) the back of Mariota’s legs. To me, Whisenhunt’s frustration seems misguided. Am I missing something here? Would love to know your thoughts, Titans fans. ( @HarrisonNFL)”

-Elliott Harrison

This was a dirty play because if you watched the full game you would know that the Miami Dolphins defense was taking shots at Marcus Mariota all game, and I don’t even think it was the only late flag on Olivier Vernon in this game. Campbell looked like he coached his team to play dirty (or “physical” if you want to spin it to make Miami sound good) at all levels of the field, and Whisenhunt called it what it was.

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  • CBS.com: 30 (24)

    “They will almost certainly be without Marcus Mariota for a few games. That means it’s Zach Mettenberger time. ”

    -Rob Rang

    Marcus Mariota is Ben Roethlisberger-level tough and gutted that game out knowing that he had no right tackle and was going to get hit despite the fact that he was playing on a bad MCL. Having said that, what is the point in rushing him back? If you are Whisenhunt you are almost guaranteed to get fired at this point and you don’t want to be known as the coach that intentionally rushed a QB back just to save his own job.

    ESPN.com: 30 (27)

    “The Titans won by 28 in their season opener against the Buccaneers. They’re 0-4 and have been outscored by 45 points since, including three straight losses at home.”


    That is an ugly stat, but a misleading one. Despite a blowout this week, the two weeks previous they were outscored by a combined three points, so easy does it over reacting to one bad game. Also, that was a game where Marcus Mariota was playing on a bad leg behind two backup offensive linemen.

    Composite Ranking: 29.7

    This team is ranked correctly now. They are a team that looks poorly coached and like they are afraid to take chances. Even on the defensive side of the ball they are taking less chances and it shows when they are getting gashed with the run and the pass by a crappy Miami team. Like I said earlier, this team is dangerously close to looking ahead to draft season, which could mean some fun things in April, but will hurt for the next six-months.

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