NFL Mocks proposes fun trade for the Tennessee Titans


NFL Mocks, does a lot of great things regarding the draft and they are an internet oasis in the desert that is a bad NFL season like the Tennessee Titans are having now. One of my favorite things is when they aren’t afraid to have a little fun with their mock drafts, including unique ideas and trade possibilities.

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This week was one of those weeks, and they had and interesting idea for what the Tennessee Titans could do with their pick:

With Joey Bosa, Vernon Hargraves III, Jalen Ramsey, and Robert Nkemdiche all off the board, the options are limited for the Titans. Sure they could be the first team to take a wide receiver, but I would imagine that the next coach the Titans get will be a more spread-oriented type of coach that makes life even easier for Marcus Mariota who has already picked the game up very well.

While Jaylon Smith is a fun option, ILB really doesn’t have a lot of positional value and a good DC can make a mediocre talent look really good behind this defensive line. So, the NFL Mocks crew (specifically Erik Lambert) came up with an interesting idea:

The Tennessee Titans receive:

-The Cleveland Browns 13th overall pick

-The Cleveland Browns 3rd round pick (76th overall)

The Cleveland Browns receive:

-The Tennessee Titans 10th overall pick (Jaylon Smith)

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  • With that pick the Tennessee Titans take: Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliot

    Here is what he says about Elliot:

    “Marcus Mariota looks like a keeper for the Tennessee Titans.  Next on the agenda is building the offense around him, specifically finding a way to keep pass rushers out of his face.  The best way to do that is with a running game, which the team still doesn’t have.What better way to fix it than getting the best option available in the 2016 class?  There is no question that designation belongs to Ezekiel Elliot.  He has all the tools required of a true workhorse back:  big, strong, tough, good vision, tireless and fast enough to break big plays once he’s to the second level.”

    All of this is true, but taking an RB in the first round makes me cringe a little. With Cobb coming back I think I would rather have Josh Doctson WR, TCU or Deforest Buckner 3-4 DE, Oregon who were both picked later.

    Then I would hope the Titans pick a solid/above average starter with their additional 3rd rounder, maybe even a running back. Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson, David Johnson, and Matt Jones were all taken in the third round this year and have all looked pretty good.

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