Greg Cosell on Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills


The Tennessee Titans have a tough game coming up against the Buffalo Bills, and maybe one of the best people to give an impartial perspective on that game is Greg Cosell.

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The long time analyst and film expert was on the Midday 180 this afternoon to do a weekly spot, and he had some great quotes on the matchup. All of the quotes can be found on Paul Kuharsky’s twitter page, but here are a few that stood out. (I will have my thoughts on the quotes underneath)

Rookie needs more looks:

“DGB needs to become more than red zone weapon. Sample size not big enough to make judgements yet.”

-I think this is an evenhanded response to how the rookie has been. In the redzone he has been a rookie of the year candidate beating Joe Haden and Vontae Davis in back to back weeks. However, between the 20s he has been nonexistent.

I would love to see what he could bring to this team if he could play the whole field rather than in special situations.

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  • Mariota inconsistent?:

    “Mariota has been improving exactly as you’d want. Interesting test vs. Bills Consistency is the thing for him.”

    -I don’t understand this quote. Mariota has been elite in his decision making and accuracy for the most part and hasn’t had any drives where he was anything less than above average. I guess he is referring to how he takes some sacks, but that is as much on the offensive line as anything.

    Defensive struggles (three quotes):

    “Bills D moves around a lot in nickel and dime with amoeba/creep fronts. Burden on protection.”

    “Rex Ryan has baited and fooled Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, better yet a rookie like Marcus Mariota”

    “Bills have good front 4. Giants numbers didn’t match tape. Ran efficiently and effectively. Sustained offense.”

    -Sure this defense is based on the misconception of pressure rather than real pressure on every snap, however Mariota has been great against that. When teams drop 7/8 in coverage he does a great job manipulating the pocket and finding the open guy.

    As for the running game, Antonio Andrews is a very good inside runner and showed a lot of great things last week. I imagine that he gets a substantial number of touches this week and that the Tennessee Titans try to pound the ball inside opposite wherever Marcell Dareus with Jalston Fowler leading the way.

    Bills offense (two quotes):

    “Bills limited passing with Taylor, best when ahead. Mostly effective, not asked to do a lot.”

    “Dixon not particularly talented runner. Don’t know a lot about Wood. Issues for Bills if that’s the RB scenario”

    -If there was ever a game to sell out and rush the passer and maybe give up a little bit of ground inside, this was it. If Karlos Williams doesn’t play then the Titans should be able to dictate the pace of this game. With Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan playing well and Jurrell Casey playing against a bad RG, there should be a lot of room for pressure this week.

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