October 5th Tennessee Titans conference notes


The Tennessee Titans had a bye week last week and for the first time in a long time, fans seemed to be ready for more action as soon as possible. So with that in mind, I thought I would break down some quotes and notes from the Tennessee Titans first press conference since the bye.

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All of these quotes are in tweet form with links to the author’s twitter account.

Notes from Paul Kuharsky:

“Whiz: I expect to have everybody at practice in some capacity on Wednesday. #Titans

-That was expected, but it is still great news. Having a healthy team is a huge advantage over other teams this time of year. Firstly, backups around the league haven’t developed and gotten fully comfortable with the playbook. Secondly, it gives you fresh legs for a team like Buffalo that plays a very physical style of play that takes its toll. Finally, it bolsters the Titans at two key spots: offensive line an defensive back.

“Whiz: After playing #Colts in a game we feel we should have won, we certainly feel like we can compete for AFC South. #Titans

-They are right. With the terrible AFC South performances through the first four weeks, if the Titans can get a little better on defense and a little better on offense, then this team can dominate a week division.

Terry McCormick:

“Whiz said #Titans still finding out what their identity is. Doing good things moving the football and defense playing well.”

-This is very true. Despite not having a clear identity this team is still doing a good job moving the ball. If the running game develops or if receivers start making plays then this team will find an identity quickly.

“Whiz said Marcus Mariota has shown poise and made plays in first three games. Two minute drive vs. #Colts a big test. Has passed tests”

-Agree with this too. Mariota is a rookie, but you couldn’t tell if you didn’t know.

“Whiz on Mariota facing #Bills: He faced pressure against Cleveland. This will be a unique challenge because Buffalo gives you so many looks.”

-This is a huge concern. If Mariota can do well against this defense at home, then I have no idea what to say. He is already one of the top-16 quarterbacks in the NFL based on this year alone and that is still too low. So if he can take on this defense with an offensive line with question marks at three positions then I don’t know how you don’t tip your cap to him.

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Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South
Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South /


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  • #Titans turnover ratio is minus-2. Whiz said if it was even or plus-1 or 2, team could quite easily be 3-0.”

    -Again, this is smart call. If the defense makes a few more big plays or if Mariota doesn’t have those fumbles or the second interception vs the Colts then this team is looked at much differently.

    “Mariota on self-scouting: Says he wants to take better care of the football, but that offense is playing pretty well overall.”

    -He is saying all the right things. However let’s look at some other young QBs:

    –Right now he has a 4:1 TD to interception ratio

    –Winston is sitting at 8:7

    –Teddy Bridgewater is at 1:1

    –Derek Carr is at 3.5:1

    –Blake Bortles is 2:1

    -So while he is turning the ball over a little, he is the best of the young quarterbacks in this category right now.

    “Mariota said he saw himself “too many times” in commercials. Said he turned his head away. Parents, girlfriend gave him hard time.”

    -Humility is great and you have to respect just how humble this guy is despite all his success.

    “Mariota on being Sept.Rookie of the month: Great honor, but it was “our” award.”

    -Again, he is doing all the right things, you have to be excited with him as your quarterback. He is giving Tennessee Titans fan a great public icon and he is also giving them hope.

    Kudos to Ruston Webster and Ken Whisenhunt for not taking the easy option and taking picks and veteran players instead of this guy on draft day. Brave move that is paying off.

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