Would Matt Forte Be A Fit With Tennessee Titans?


The Chicago Bears are obviously tanking the 2015 NFL season in hopes of landing a good drat pick in 2016 and in doing so, have had a fire sale in an attempt to dump veteran players and salaries that are not part of the new regime. Should the Tennessee Titans take a hard look at Matt Forte?

My collegue here at TitanSized Will Lomas put up an article last week, Tennessee Titans should trade for Matt Forte, and I thought it was time to re-visit the subject during our bye week and put in my 2 cents worth.

The 8th year running back out of Tulane is 29 years old, and is currently making $7.1 Million, but according to Ian Rapoport at NFL.com, Bears general manager Ryan Pace has said if you see something you like, ask.

He also said another general manager told Rapoport that they say “basically, don’t be afraid to ask”.

For a running back, the 6’2″ 218 pound Forte is on the back side of his career in the NFL, but would be a nice addition to a young backfield that is currently in Music City.

Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt has continued to tell anyone that will listen that he is happy with his running back by committee situation in Nashville, but you have to think if he added a solid vet like Forte to his lineup, especially on plays where the back is being asked to help keep his rookie quarterback safe, he would have to take a look.

In three games to start the season, the Titans have had good production from Bishop Sankey in game one, Dexter McCluster in game two and Antonio Andrews last week against the Colts, and they are expecting rookie David Cobb back maybe as soon as week five against the Buffalo Bills.

Even with that being said however, Matt Forte has carried the ball 49 times in 2015 for 276 yards and one touchdown, but you have to wonder how much of his production is being shutdown because of the turmoil on the team and running behind an offensive line that has struggled for the past couple of years.

Forte has 1876 career carries for 7980 yards and 42 touchdowns during his eight seasons, all with the Bears after being taken in the second round back in 2008.

The Titans have over $26 million in extended cap space and can certainly afford Forte who is in the third year of a four-year deal worth $30.4 Million which $17 million is guaranteed.

It’s my opinion that this kind of veteran leadership on the field and in the locker room would be a great acquisition for this young team, and give Whisenhunt an opportunity to find a long-termed solution down the road.

I would love to see Matt Forte line up in the Titans backfield when I get to Nashville for game four against the Buffalo Bills.

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