Was the first Tennessee Titans turnover on Sunday an interception?


On Sunday there was a very questionable play where Marcus Mariota threw a pass to Delanie Walker, who turned, took a step, and had the ball knocked out by a defender. After the play was over, it was deemed an interception.

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However, earlier today the Tennessee Titans had the play officially challenged to see if it was actually a fumble. The result of that was…no, it was an interception. However, this is a great time to say that not all interceptions are created equally.

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  • I think this is a ruling that needs to be changed, because this was a play where it was entirely on Delanie Walker that he didn’t secure that ball. If he had been tackled right there, it wouldn’t have been an incomplete pass, it would have been a tackle. So, by that logic, doesn’t it make sense that it is a fumble and not an interception?

    The play later in the game where the defensive back jumped a route and made a great play on the ball is obviously an interception, and no one can dispute that. It was a decision where Marcus Mariota thought that he would be able to throw the ball with enough velocity to squeeze it in a tight window. Ultimately it was one of his few bad plays in the game by Marcus Mariota, but again this was a clear interception and it should be put on the quarterback.

    This is a big reason why I believe it is much more important to watch the game than to just look at the box score. You don’t get to see Marcus Mariota’s poise in the muddy pocket, ability to go through his progressions, ability to move in the pocket to make plays, and the jolt of energy he gives this team. However, you do see silly stats like the first interception that may “technically” be right, but really need to be changed.

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