One Tennessee Titans depth chart change I would like to see for Week 5


The Tennessee Titans have had a successful 2015 campaign so far, even if the record doesn’t exactly show that right now. Marcus Mariota looks great and the Tennessee Titans defense is really humming despite a few missed gashing plays. However, I think that a team only gets better through changing and evolving, so I may do a weekly story on what I would change heading into the next week.

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That may be a stylistic change such as a better run defender vs a team like the Buffalo Bills, or it may be a performance change. This week it is the latter and I think a lot of people will agree with me.

The man out: Harry Douglas

Douglas is a very good veteran presence and I really think that he can do a lot of great things for the Titans. However, he has had a few drops this year and while he has chemistry with Mariota I would like to see him in more specialized roles rather than the team’s leading leader in snaps.

Douglas should still play a lot, and should get a lot of looks when the Titans spread out the field and put Mariota in one-back and empty formations. However, there is another receiver that I really hope the Tennessee Titans can get on track and really get a lot from this year. While I love Kendall Wright, there is another player that I think could really shine in this offense.

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  • The man in: Dorial Green-Beckham

    DGB is an absolute force in the passing game, and whether he is playing more physical than a very handsy (and sometimes illegal) Vontae Davis or if he is high-pointing the ball over Joe Haden he is showing that he can be great in this league.

    Despite playing less snaps than players like Chase Coffman who have only been active for one game, he is doing a tremendous amount with his opportunity. DGB has five targets this year, of those five one was a DPI, one was a very important catch in the two minute drill to set the Titans up for their last score against the Colts, and two have been touchdowns.

    The rookie is making huge plays despite rarely seeing the field and I don’t get the impression that he is being punished for anything. I think after such a long time between football games his game conditioning is just a little low. If he can dive into the playbook, build that chemistry with Mariota and show that he can run the full route tree, I don’t know how you stop this team on offense.

    With DGB, Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker in the formation for the passing game, and Marcus Mariota, Jalston Fowler, and Antonio Andrews in the running game. I don’t know how you keep this team from scoring under 30 points without a great pass rush like the Cleveland Browns had.

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