PFF takeaways for the Tennessee Titans


Pro Football Focus is not an exact science and they are coming under fire for giving a negative grade to Aaron Rodgers last night, but as a whole they do a lot of good things well. Sometimes a disagree with their grades, but there are three things they said this week that I really agreed with. Now, sure they are all positive things so it may seem like I am biased, but it is quantifying what I see on film when I watch the Tennessee Titans.

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1. Where to run?

If I was the Tennessee Titans, my gut tells me when I am watching film that if I want a first down on the ground, I am running right behind Taylor Lewan with Jalston Fowler as my lead blocker. Well, low and behold PFF sees the same thing.

The top run blockers on the team are Anthony Fasano (3rd best run blocking TE in the league), Taylor Lewan (8th best run blocking LT in the league), and Jalston Fowler (4th best run blocking fullback in the league). So while I expect the Tennessee Titans to mix things up, I think that “Iso left” play from the I-formation or some variation of that would have to be a staple of my offensive game plan.

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  • 2. Defensively dominant.

    I think the Tennessee Titans look extremely aggressive defensively, and that in large part is due to what the front line is doing against double teams. According to PFF, Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug are proving that, with top-10 grades among 3-4 DEs.

    In fact, they are so good that it is Jurrell Casey not J.J. Watt that leads PFF’s 3-4 DE rankings. He has been an absolute force with new help on the outside and I think this is a career year for him in the making.

    Klug isn’t far off in dominance. He is the 10th ranked 3-4 DE according to PFF, but he is goinf it with a very small number of snaps. Klug is the only player in the top-19 at his position with less than 70 snaps, which in a meritocracy based scoring system like PFF, is so impressive.

    3. Keeping your best players

    The Tennessee Titans got a lot of flak for keeping five tight ends and a fullback this preseason, but it looks like a very smart move now. The Tennessee Titans top three tight ends are all ranked in the top-12 of PFF’s rankings, and only the New England Patriots have as many at the top.

    Delanie Walker, Craig Stevens and Anthony Fasano are a very good three headed monster at that position and it is easy to see why it was hard for a tight end oriented coaching staff to let these guys just walk.

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