Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 2


The Tennessee Titans had a pretty rough game Sunday, but it was not as bad as many have been over the last few years. Despite constant pressure and sacks, Marcus Mariota still ended the day with two touchdowns and no interceptions. The team let two fluke bombs and a kick return dilute what was really a very good day defensively.

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However, a loss is a loss and it should be expected that the Tennessee Titans will drop some this week.

NFL.com: 26 (Last week 26)

“OK, so the Titans didn’t light it up in Cleveland and give all of Tennessee something to rave about (a 2-0 record). Still, I couldn’t help but notice the fight in this club, especially at the quarterback position. Marcus Mariota found the going much tougher in Week 2, but once again, the stage didn’t look too big for him. Two touchdown passes, a 96.3 passer rating and two impressive third-down scrambles to move the chains. Another thing to note: Tennessee’s next four games will take place in Nashville, with a bye for extra rest/game-planning in Week 4.”

-Elliot Harrison

That is a pretty interesting note from Elliot Harrison. Not only are the Tennessee Titans coming home, but they will play their next four games in Nashville. Not only that, but Marcus Mariota and company will get the huge advantage of breaking down the Buffalo Bills blitz packages for two weeks including the bye.

This team’s next four games are Indy, Buffalo, Miami and Atlanta. If they can win two of those four games, they will be 3-3 heading into Houston, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Oakland, and Jacksonville again. That could easily turn into a 7-4 record.

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  • CBS: 25 (23)

    “Marcus Mariota came back to Earth a bit, but he did get it going in the second half against the Browns. That’s what happens to rookies sometimes. ”

    -Pete Prisco

    Again, another good point. The Browns are a good defense and the Tennessee Titans as a whole were flustered at first. They got into a better pace at the second half and really made it a game instead of laying down.

    ESPN: 27 (23)

    “Seven sacks, three fumbles (two lost) and a 29.7 Total QBR for Marcus Mariota in Week 2. The good news is Mariota won’t play another game away from Nashville until Nov. 1.”


    Eh, this is sort of a week move by ESPN. They are trying to push their own quarterback metric instead of the one everyone else around the league uses. Their metric give quarterbacks a negative rating for taking sacks, when Mariota really didn’t have any options. From a pure quarterback prospective, Marcus Mariota’s passer rating is still the best in the league which they didn’t mention.

    Also, it should be noted that the Tennessee Titans defense is quietly dominating outside of three fluke plays in the past two weeks. They have only allowed 28 points all year with their first team in and again, two of those touchdowns have been sort of fluke, hail Mary type passes. Even with those passes, the Titans are only allowing 273.5 YPG, which is 4th best in the league. So while a lot is being made of the negatives, there are still a lot of positives.

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