Tennessee Titans Face Tougher Test In Cleveland


A lot of Tennessee Titans critiques around the National Football League are telling fans to pump the breaks on Marcus Mariota and the Titans after their big win in Tampa last week. I don’t want to pump them but maybe tap them a little.

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Titans head coach, Ken Whisenhunt and the entire team appear to be taking the 42-14 crushing of Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in stride, with most of them saying they are 1-0 and there is more work to do.

Whisenhunt told Jim Wyatt at Titans online that it was only one win and they need to build some equity with fans by continuing to improve on a  weekly basis.

The “equity building” has already started around NFL media outlets, as Marcus Mariota’s performance last Sunday got a lot of attention,

In fact, most of the experts at NFL.com are picking the Titans to go into Cleveland and  win the week two matchup against the Browns.

The around the NFL crew are all picking the Titans to beat the Browns on Sunday and only Marshal Faulk from the Gameday Morning crew is picking the Browns.

In an interview on Mike and Mike, former Ravens head coach Brian Billick said that the pass Mariota made to Delanie Walker on Sunday was an NFL throw. With his quick release and ability to make quick decisions was a sign that the youngster has all the tools to be a top-notch NFL quarterback.

Marcus Mariota and the Titans will face a tougher test when they take the field in the Dawg Pound on Sunday.

The Cleveland Brown defense will offer more looks designed to confuse the young quarterback and provide a stern test for the offensive line to protect him.

We saw what the Cleveland pressure did to Jameis Winston during the preseason, and the Titans can expect more of the same on Sunday.

The advantage the Titans have, is working in practice against a Dick LeBeau defense that is also designed to confuse and pressure a young quarterback.

We are not sure at this writing, if the Titans will face starting quarterback, Josh McCown or Johnny Manziel. McCown has been practicing this week but must pass the NFL’s concussion protocol before he can be cleared to play.

Ken Whisenhunt said in his Thursday press conference that the Titans are preparing for both quarterbacks, and will be ready on Sunday for who ever is under center.

Most teams, including the Browns put in the Sunday game plan, and all indications are that Josh McCown will participate and be ready to play.

If the Tennessee Titans want to be taken serious this season, they need to go into the Dawg Pound and win a game of this magnitude on the road for a second week against a home opener. Then come home and play a good game against a contender like the Indianapolis Colts.

That will give us a nice look at what this team is all about, and what we can expect for the remainder of the season.

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