Tennessee Titans Power Rankings around the league Week 1


The Tennessee Titans won their first game by a wide margin, and it is fair to assume that this will lead to a bump in their status around the league. Looking around at national media, it is easy to see who is eating crow for doubting Marcus Mariota and the Titans, and who is still in denial.

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Let’s look a rankings from a few national sources:

NFL 26 (last week 32):

“Marcus Mariota, superstar. All those draftniks who didn’t think he was the answer for Tennessee — those folks who cried bust — got two really dirty Titans socks in the mouth. Four touchdown strikes, a perfect passer rating and a comfy seat on the bench for the fourth quarter of a blowout win? Not a bad debut. But if you think Tennessee’s 42-14 win in Tampa was only about Mariota, think again. The Titans were flat out ballin’ in every phase of the game. Yes, those Titans.”

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  • That quote was from Elliot Harrison of NFL.com. If that name sounds familiar, you may remember him as the man who went on the Dave Dameshek podcast last week and said that he could see the Tennessee Titans being the team most likely to end up with the number one pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

    CBS 26 (31):

    “In all the excitement of Marcus Mariota‘s debut, people need to realize that he’s still got a lot to learn and there will be ups and downs throughout the season. For the rest of the team, tough for us to learn much from this one. I’m still in wait-and-see mode on the Titans.”

    This quote is from Pat Kirwan who was enthusiastic about Marcus Mariota in the preseason, so his words should carry a lot of weight with Tennessee Titans fans. Rightfully the Tennessee Titans should be excited about how great they looked in Week 1, but there are still a lot of games left to go so let’s not go crazy.

    ESPN 23 (30):

    “The Titans scored 28 points in the first half Sunday with Marcus Mariota at quarterback. They scored 28 points in an entire game just once last season (Week 5 vs Browns).”

    While there is no one to attribute this quote to, it is interesting to note just how long it has been since an offense was this efficient for the Tennessee Titans. Power rankings are a look in the rear view mirror rather than a look ahead, but it is hard not to see everyone rethinking their 3-5 win projections they had in the preseason.

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