Tennessee Titans get front row seats to watch the champions


The Tennessee Titans had scouts at last night’s Ohio State vs Virginia Tech matchup, and it was a game that (for the most part) didn’t disappoint. I am going to try to keep tabs of the draft process from the Tennessee Titans starting now, that way when April rolls around we won’t just be looking at two months worth of data, we can see what has been going on all year long.

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For the most part, when scouts watch a game live this early in the year they are looking for seniors. However, some juniors will obviously catch their eyes with big games.

So here is a look at which draft eligible prospects stood out.

Ezekiel Elliott RB, OSU

Elliott can be as good as he wants to be in college. While he is built thick and can run through contact, he occasionally shows deep speed that makes you really think of him as a Day 1 caliber running back.

On just 11 carries he had 122 yards (so a 11.1 YPC) and a touchdown. His first run was a blast through the middle that he took to the house more because of exceptional vision than his speed.

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  • He also had a very good night in pass protection, which is a big priority for the Tennessee Titans given their young QB and OL in a state of flux.

    For a team in need of a powerful inside runner that can stay on the field all three downs, Elliott makes a lot of sense.

    Braxton Miller WR, OSU

    It looks weird to type that, but he is absolutely a wide receiver after his performance last night. Miller isn’t huge, but at 6’2″ he has great hands and a feel for how to make people miss. While I don’t imagine he will be a 1st round pick, he is a big receiver who I would imagine will go Day 2.

    Kendall Fuller CB, VT

    All I heard this offseason was how much better Kendall was than his brother, well let me be the first to tell you that Kendall isn’t even in his brothers league right now. Last night, he looked flat footed and just bad, if the Tennessee Titans are thinking about drafting this guy next year, I suggest they pop in this tape and think twice.

    Adolphus Washington DL, OSU

    Washington didn’t have a dominant night, but on a day where the Virginia Tech defensive line was supposed to be superior, it was Washington who looked like the best NFL prospect.

    Listed at 6’4″ 290 lb. (I doubt that second figure should be starting with a 2) Washington controlled the line of scrimmage and and could be very good as a 5-tech in a 3-4 like Dick LeBeau’s that allows fluid 5-techs to rush sometimes and drop in coverage.

    Sam Rogers RB, VT

    While E.E. will get all the publicity, Rogers also had a heck of a game. Whether you call him a fullback or a running back, he looked great between the tackles and shook a DB in the open field on his way to a 51-yard touchdown catch.

    While I doubt he declares, he had a 7.7 YPC, and was the team’s leading receiver despite sharing the snaps. The Titans could definitely use him if they are looking to beef up their running back group without taking away from their ability to run to the outside.

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