Tennessee Titans: Countdown to Mariota vs Winston II


Now that college football has concluded their opening weekend activities, expect the collective sports world to turn their attention to the NFL and their opening weekend, which begins this Thursday.

Prior to the draft, the 2015 regular season schedule was released. And it didn’t take long to notice that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee Titans, owners of the first two picks in the draft, square off in the season opener.

A calculated risk by the league paid off, and as a result, both teams will be front and center when league-wide coverage picks up tomorrow morning.

While it is not uncommon to have multiple quarterbacks drafted in the first round. It is, however, extremely rare to have two high profile franchise qb’s entering the draft that were both Heisman Trophy winners…who played each other in college.

When Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were taken 1 and 2 respectively, the league (after jumping for joy) wasted no time in marketing a week 1 rematch between the two.

Mariota’s preseason debut was aired live on the NFL Network. That was a Friday night. On Saturday night, the NFL Network aired Winston’s preseason debut live.

Then the league’s affiliates followed suit…

The following week, Mariota’s home debut was aired nationally on FOX. That was a Sunday night. The following night, on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Winston made his home debut.

Each game came fully equipped with up to the minute stat comparisons between the two, and how it impacts their pending regular season showdown.

Who’s more ready? Who’s the better leader? Who has better weapons?

Expect that to intensify this week.

The national Sunday pre-game shows will have Mariota vs Winson II at the top of their topic board, and the game’s outcome will no doubt be the lead story on Sunday night and Monday morning.

A great thing for two forgotten fan bases.

For the winning fan base, their team is undefeated…their rookie qb is a savior…and their magic media carpet ride continues for another week.

For the losing fan base…well…it was fun while it lasted.

Either way, both fan bases should enjoy the countdown to Mariota vs Winston II, and their week in the spotlight.

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