Tennessee Titans position review: TE


The third game of the NFL preseason is over and for the Tennessee Titans and 31 other teams, it is time to evaluate their position groups and figure out which players they want to keep and which they want to cut.

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This won’t be a bloated series, this will just be a solid depth chart of who deserves to be ranked where, and what the Tennessee Titans may do at that position going forward.

This will focus on the tight end position.

Depth Chart

1. Delanie Walker

2. Craig Stevens

3. Anthony Fasano

4. Chase Coffman

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  • Thoughts

    -I really think this may be the second deepest and most talented position group on the Tennessee Titans roster behind the quarterback position.

    -First and foremost, Delanie Walker is a blue-chip tight end and if he stays healthy this year I believe that he will be one of two 1,000 yard receivers on this roster.

    -That being said, everyone in this group is a great run blocker. Walker, Craig Stevens and Fasano have all done a lot of good things in the running game and it is wise to expect a lot of two tight end sets this season.

    -Marcus Mariota has been great off of play action, and part of the reason why that will continue to be the case is because the tight ends are great at faking blocking and then getting right into their routes.

    -I think there is a strong chance that all four of these tight ends stay on the roster, especially if Chase Coffman has another big night like he did two weeks ago against the St. Louis Rams.

    -It isn’t crazy to think that the Tennessee Titans two of the Tennessee Titans five leading receivers will be tight ends. I would say that Kendall Wright, Harry Douglas and either Hakeem Nicks or Dorial Green-Beckham will be in that mix, but Delanie Walker and Craig Stevens will get a lot of 8-12 yard passes with room to run.

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