Tennessee Titans position review: RB/FB


The third game of the NFL preseason is over and for the Tennessee Titans and 31 other teams, it is time to evaluate their position groups and figure out which players they want to keep and which they want to cut.

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This won’t be a bloated series, this will just be a solid depth chart of who deserves to be ranked where, and what the Tennessee Titans may do at that position going forward.

This will focus on the running back and fullback positions.

Depth Chart- RB

1. Bishop Sankey

2. Antonio Andrews

3. David Cobb

4. Dexter McCluster

Depth Chart- FB

1. Jalston Fowler

2. Craig Stevens

3. Karl Klug

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Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South /


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  • Thoughts

    -The running back group is listed in an order, but really I could have just as easily labeled it 1A, 1B, 1C, and 2. The Tennessee Titans are committed to seeing Bishop Sankey, and after a good game against the St. Louis Rams it isn’t hard to see why. While I would prefer the consistent inside presence of Antonio Andrews or David Cobb the Tennessee Titans believe that the read option and other plays involving Marcus Mariota’s legs will sell better with a quicker runner like Bishop Sankey.

    -Don’t count out Dexter McCluster for meaningful snaps. He is as downhill as they come and despite his small frame he is not afraid to take a hit. With his role as a receiver definitely reduced this year, I expect him to compete for some carries in some fast paced situations.

    -David Cobb has a chance to be a very efficient player for the Tennessee Titans, if he can stay healthy and stay in shape. He has looked good in limited action, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him take over the majority of the reps around mid season. He is that talented as a player if he can stay healthy.

    -The fullback group is fun to rank because Craig Stevens and Jalston Fowler could both play the tight end and fullback spot in this offense. I think Karl Klug will definitely be involved on some goal line plays this year and I could see a two fullback set with Antonio Andrews/David Cobb running behind Klug and Fowler with Stevens at tight end. Running that to the left side should almost guarantee a first down or touchdown in short yardage situations.

    -That formation I mentioned would also be deadly if you lined two tight ends up there and PA bootlegged out of it.

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