Tennessee Titans position review: CB


The third game of the NFL preseason is over and for the Tennessee Titans and 31 other teams, it is time to evaluate their position groups and figure out which players they want to keep and which they want to cut.

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This won’t be a bloated series, this will just be a solid depth chart of who deserves to be ranked where, and what the Tennessee Titans may do at that position going forward.

This will focus on the cornerback position.

Depth Chart

1. Jason McCourty

2. Perrish Cox

3. Blidi Wreh-Wilson

4. Coty Sensabaugh

5. Coty Riggs

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Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South /


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  • Thoughts

    -Jason McCourty’s absence is a clear issue in this defense. He is by far the team’s best cornerback and he has the ability to hang with some of the best receivers in the league. Without him this team is severely hampered in its ability to blitz and get pressure.

    -Perrish Cox has 2 interceptions in the preseason and seems to be a magnet for the ball. I think he can be a big difference maker to this team, especially once McCourty is back.

    -Blidi Wreh-Wilson has never been a great player, but his absence on the outside is clear. He is the only cornerback outside of McCourty that has all the physical tools to make it difficult for receivers outside. This week should be a great test of where he is at in terms of his recovery as he goes against speedsters like Cordarrelle Patterson.

    -Coty Sensabaugh is a very good slot cornerback, but if the Tennessee Titans insist on putting him on the outside he is going to get embarrassed. He is quick, not fast and he will get worked by bigger receivers. Ideally he is an interior corner that can hang with twitchier guys.

    -Cody Riggs is sort of an unknown. He is has been alright on the outside and he looks like he has a lot of room to grow as a player. He may end up playing significant snaps for this team and if he does then this team may be in trouble. Not because he is bad, but because I think he is at least a year away from being a solid starter.

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