How worried should you be about Jason McCourty


Right now it is hard to say just how big of an injury Jason McCourty has. On one hand, there were some reports saying that the Tennessee Titans corner would be out for just a few weeks. Now however, there is an ESPN report saying that sources say he could be out until after the Tennessee Titans Week 4 bye.

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Obviously, you don’t want to rush a player back from an injury like this especially at such a dynamic position. However, solid man coverage on the outside is a huge part of what Dick LeBeau wants to do.

So let’s look at this situation.

How long is he out?

Let’s go with the worst case scenario (that is presented at this point) and assume that he is out until Week 5. That means that the Tennessee Titans will have three games without him.

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  • The first game is Tampa Bay. Now, that isn’t a huge issue. Jameis Winston has struggled when other teams have brought pressure and if Cincinnati wasn’t so grossly vanilla last night, that would have been even more evident.

    The second game is against the Cleveland Browns. Who would Jason McCourty really be covering in this game? Now, this game will be dictated more by the running game than the passing game so I am more worried about Joe Thomas than any of their receivers.

    The third game is the problem. The Titans play the Indianapolis Colts in Week 3, and Jason McCourty would have played a big role in that game. Now, the Tennessee Titans should look a lot more competitive now, but I expect that it will be a 34-31 type game, but who gets the 34 is anyone’s guess considering how bad that Colts defense is/will be.

    Who is his backup?

    While Blidi Wreh-Wilson is the guy who everyone points to, don’t shy away from everyone’s preseason crush Cody Riggs. While he isn’t the caliber of Jason McCourty, he is a good player that is very steady on the outside.

    With he, Perrish Cox, Coty Sensabaugh, Marqueston Huff, and Khalid Wooten, this group of cover DBs should be alright behind a talented pass rush.

    So how worried are you?

    Over the course of that three game stretch the situation scare grades out at about a 3/10. While he will be important in one of those games, the other two should be very winnable for the Tennessee Titans whether Jason McCourty is there or not.

    I think all of that will disappear by Week 5 however, the Titans are taking it slow and making sure they are letting him fully heal before putting him back out there.

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