Marcus Mariota get solid B from NFL Insider Bill Polian


The NFL Insiders recapped the performances of Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie quarterback Jameis Winston and the Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota on Monday afternoon in their respective openers.

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While new Hall of Famer, Bill Polian gave the former Florida State Seminole a C- on his performance Friday night, he gave Marcus Mariota a solid B.

Both rookies had their troubles early, but Polian was impressed with Mariota’s ability to read the defense and thought he made good throws in his 5 for 5 touchdown drive before turning the game over to Zach Mettenberger in the second quarter.

He indicated the wheel route completion was key to the youngsters success, and although the defense invited Mariota to throw into coverage, he did not. The rookie made the correct read, and made the correct throw.

I watched both games, and agree that Mariota deserved the higher grade in the 31-24 defeat during game one.

After the early problems Mariota had with the interception, the fumble and the sack, I felt like the young quarterback came back out and looked like a veteran NFL quarterback.

The play selection helped, where head coach Ken Whisenhunt called some plays that the rookie was familiar with, but Mariota rose to the occasion and executed them perfectly.

Jameis Winston on the other hand, continued to look like a rookie for the remainder of his time under center.

The real matchup will come in week one of the regular season when the Titans travel to Tampa and take on Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers.

I don’t know what the Titans would have done had if the Buccaneers had taken Marcus with the first pick in the draft, but I am convinced we got the best in the deal, and think it was apparent in the games this past week.

Further, had the Titans been forced to consider Winston with the second pick, Zach Mettenberger would be the starter on day one.

Marcus Mariota will get tested on Sunday night when former Titans head coach, Jeff Fisher brings his St. Louis Rams to Nashville to face the Titans in game two.

The Rams have a top-notch defense and Mariota will tested and have his hands full during his time on the field.

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