NFL Preseason Stock Watch: Daniel McCullers


The NFL Preseason has officially begun, and it is time to look at some players that are making an impact (or not) around the league. Normally this is reserved for Tennessee Titans players, but hopefully I will get a chance to post about some players that the Tennessee Titans should be looking to add as well.

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Today this stock watch is on Daniel McCullers, nose tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Why should you know him?

While he hasn’t made an impact in the NFL, it is hard to miss the 6’7″, 350 lb. nose tackle from the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you don’t remember him from his short time on the field last year, you may remember him from his time as the bright spot on a bad 2012 Tennessee Volunteers defense.

He was dominant, and if the Vols had more help on the outside, he would have gotten much more attention.

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  • Why would the Pittsburgh Steelers let go of him?

    Last night (granted it is a preseason game) the Pittsburgh Steelers seemed to love being in a 4-3 defense as opposed to their normal 3-4 defense. This is probably so that James Farrior and Ryan Shazier can be on the field in a nickel package.

    Daniel McCullers is not a fit for a 4-3 defense as he has shown in college and at the pro level. He is strictly a 3-4 nose tackle.

    Why would the Tennessee Titans want him?

    Because…well he is strictly a 3-4 nose tackle.

    Sammie Hill is a very good nose tackle that can penetrate, but really doesn’t thrive v.s. the run as much as you would want to see from someone his size. On the other hand, McCullers could be what the Tennessee Titans hope Angelo Blackson will become.

    He would give the team a commanding force in the middle of the defense and he would help open some holes for Zach Brown and Avery Williamson.

    Maybe the most important feather in his cap is that he is a second year player in a Dick LeBeau scheme. LeBeau is historic for not playing a lot of rookies because his system is so complex. With Al Woods and Daniel McCullers on the team, the should be able to get everyone on the defensive line lined up correctly. This is important to remember because DaQuan Jones and Angelo Blackson are also players that should make an impact on this team not only this year, but also in the future since they are young and talented.

    This team has the room on the roster for a player with the physical ability, experience, upside, and skill set that Daniel McCullers possess.

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