Dick LeBeau speaks on Tennessee Titans training camp


No one can doubt Dick LeBeau and his amazing ability to draw up a defense. It is not an opinion that the Tennessee Titans are lucky to have them, it is a statement.

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With that being said, it may take more than a year to take this defense that was not great in the 3-4 last year and make them into a top-10 unit. However, with Brian Orakpo, Jurrell Casey, Derrick Morgan, Da’Norris Searcy, and Jason McCourty there is a pretty darn good core of players in Tennessee.

Here is what the defensive coordinator had to say on the Midday 180 today:

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  • On his secret to longevity:

    “I’ve got pretty good genes. Don’t put too many poisons in my body. Have to have some good common sense.”

    On Marcus Mariota:

    “In all honesty everything I’ve seen from him is good. I’m glad I’m not playing against him.”

    Man that is some high praise from a guy who has been in the NFL for longer than most of those who are reading this post have been alive.

    On being in the Hall of Fame and how humbling it is:

    Sometimes he hears what people are saying and it takes him a second before he realizes,”Oh, hell they’re talking about me!”

    It may not come through but for anyone concerned that he might be hitting a wall at his age, that is just wrong. He is upbeat, funny and very mentally engaged. This man is an outstanding coach on this team and he may be an even better presence and personality which is probably why players like James Harrison follow him around and think of him as a father figure.

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