Tennessee Titans Training Camp notes: CB


Jason McCourty is one of the top 12-15 best cornerbacks in the league, and I really don’t think you can argue against that. He is consistent, he makes plays when targeted, and he has the potential to follow the best receiver on the field. So the #2 cornerback job is one that players should be jumping at because it gives them an opportunity to really increase their value a la Alterraun Verner.

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So with that said, who played the most today in practice?

Well, today that right belonged to Blidi Wreh-Wilson. That’s right, the much maligned incumbent saw most of the snaps outside at cornerback today, and he preformed exactly as you would have expected.

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  • On one play several sources reported that he fell down and did a rolling back flip, followed by another play where he gave up a deep ball. After that though, he had a pass break up. In other words, he was inconsistent and his lows here lower than his highs.

    So where was Perrish Cox you may ask? Well, a tweet from Terry McCormick answered that:

    “Nickel drill and Perrish Cox is on the outside at CB opposite Jason McCourty”

    Later Ken Whisenhunt did say that it was likely that Cox and Wreh-Wilson will rotate through out camp at the second cornerback spot.

    I believe the Tennessee Titans have a plan for this, that revolves more around the third cornerback than who is better as the second cornerback.

    I believe that when Perrish Cox plays outside, you will see more of Coty Sensabaugh in at slot cornerback, where he plays best. This is one Tennessee Titans combination.

    On the other hand, you have Blidi Wreh-Wilson (who should theoretically plays best on the outside) and then Perrish Cox inside over the slot.

    Those two combinations are probably what the Tennessee Titans are looking at. I think it is highly unlikely that there is any way that (barring and injury) Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Coty Sensabaugh both end up with a lot of playing time in 2015.

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