Taylor Lewan speaks to the Midday 180


Again, the Midday 180 is doing a great job getting quality interviews and they put together another great one with Tennessee Titans second year left tackle, Taylor Lewan. Here are some of the more interesting quotes from that interview.

On his comments yesterday:

“I think there is a real need for toughness on our offensive line.”

On what he has learned in the NFL:

“Bob Bostad wants it one way and one way only. Professional and through the whistle.”

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On his role as a leader and being outspoken:

“If it is what I need to do to help this team that is what I will do.”

“I was known [at Michigan] as a guy that played through the whistle and played dirty…that’s the player I want to be.”

“Not saying I am the leader of this offensive line, but I am definitely one that will push through the whistle.”

“As long as I am on this offensive line I expect the guys to do it with me [play through the whistle] and they are willing to do that.”

“Michael Roos is a great football player and I hope to be as good as him, just a little bit more aggressive.”

On last year and offseason negativity from the media:

“2-14 is disgusting. It is a joke, and my teammates agree.”

On Las Vegas odds that the Tennessee Titans will be the worst team in the NFL.

“I would bet every penny against that.”

On his own comments about how the Nashville Predators gave some hope to the sports fans in the city:

“We deserve to give that to the city. On Sunday people are like hell yea let’s go to Broadway, get a little tipsy and go watch the Titans.”

How can you not love this guy?

On camp:

“It is 1000 times better than the first camp last year.”

On Brian Orakpo and if he is helping Taylor Lewan get better:

“He is so fast twitch and he is so quick…He plays so hard and he makes me better. It is either that or get benched and I would rather get better.”

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