Midday 180 interview with Ruston Webster


I just caught the tail end of the Ruston Webster interview today on the Midday 180, and there were some interesting quotes. The Tennessee Titans general manager didn’t hide his cards, he was very honest about what he expects from players and what he has been watching.

On the question of Sammie Lee Hill being on PUP list:

“Once you put him on [PUP] you don’t put him back.”

In context this meant that they will slow play his injury and they aren’t going to put him back on the actual roster until he is 100% ready.

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  • On whether or not Ruston Webster is like everyone else in camp who can’t keep their eyes off of rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota.

    “Yea I’m like everyone else…It’s tough.”

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    On Tennessee Titans edge rusher depth and whether or not anything is settled:

    “We are gonna need to find some depth…that is a position where people are going to have to step up.”

    On what Ruston Webster expects from Brian Orakpo:

    “We are hoping that Brian’s presence helps give us another rusher that people have to respect on the right side…last year, truthfully we didn’t get much out of the right side.”

    You can say that again. The rushing opposite Derrick Morgan has really been terrible ever since he has been in the league. Getting a proven veteran should do him wonders.

    On if he was comfortable moving Perrish Cox around from outside to nickel or if he wanted him locked down into one position on the field:

    “I think that is kinda typical with what happens around the league. We had Ronde Barber who did [that].”

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