Tennessee Titans hardest 2015 games: #13


With the NFL (pre)season about to start it is time to actually look forward to the season ahead and start thinking about where the Tennessee Titans stand. I will make a season projection after a few preseason games, but in the meantime I think it is interesting to rank the games I see as the easiest (#16) to the hardest (#1).

So with that said, here is a at this ranking.

#13: Week 11 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

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Reliance on youth

The Jacksonville Jaguars are expecting to start six players on offense with three years of experience or less. That is even if you don’t include #3 wide receivers and if A.J. Cann doesn’t start.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse on this, but Dick LeBeau is a genius at confusing young players and the Jaguars can’t expect to have just anyone come off of the plane and adapt to his defense.

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  • Misconception of Thomas

    Julius Thomas was one of the crowing jewels of free agency this year, but should he be? How have any tight ends that have left Peyton Manning done? I can’t find a single receiver or tight end that really did anything without Manning.

    A similar player to Thomas might be Eric Decker who only managed to end up with roughly 75% of his 2013 production in 2014 after switching from Manning to Geno Smith. If that ratio holds up, Thomas will end up making over $9 million for about 300 yards of production.

    Passer rating

    Opposing quarterbacks last year averaged a 99.1 passer rating against the Jacksonville Jaguars. That mark was 29th in the league.

    That plus the defense adding no new real pieces, should only scare Jacksonville Jaguars fans more. If they allow the Tennessee Titans offense to get into a rhythm, everything we know about Marcus Mariota says that they will be in for a methodical beat down.

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