Tennessee Titans hardest 2015 games: #14


With the NFL (pre)season about to start it is time to actually look forward to the season ahead and start thinking about where the Tennessee Titans stand. I will make a season projection after a few preseason games, but in the meantime I think it is interesting to rank the games I see as the easiest (#16) to the hardest (#1).

So with that said, here is a look at this ranking.

#14: Week 13 vs Jacksonville Jaguars

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Bortles vs LeBeau

If you actually watched the Jacksonville Jaguars and don’t just listen to radio shows, then you know it is pretty darn hard to find a game where Blake Bortles looked good last year (after the preseason).

Well, that definitely didn’t change when you turn on the tape of the Jaguars against Dick LeBeau’s Pittsburgh Steelers last year.

Bortles turned out a terrible game with no touchdowns and two interceptions. Well, I shouldn’t say no touchdowns, he did throw a pick-six to the Steelers defense.

I am much more negative on Blake Bortles than most because what you see on film and on paper is not what some of the bigger media outlets try to sell you when it come to the former UCF quarterback.

So don’t be surprised if he isn’t in for a rude awakening playing on the road against LeBeau again.

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  • A defense still without teeth

    The Jaguars drafted Dante Fowler to solve their pass rushing issues, but he was sent to season ending I.R. in camp. So that leaves their top edge rushers as Tyson Alualu and Chris Clemons who combined for just one sack against the Tennessee Titans last year in two games.

    With Taylor Lewan getting better and with an upgrade at right tackle, then it will be hard for that number to get better in 2015.

    A passer’s dream

    So we already went over the lack of a pass rush for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but with the 2013 NFL Draft tandem of Jonathan Cyprien (2nd round) and Dwayne Gratz (3rd round) coming into their third year, surely there is some stability in the defensive backfield right? Well…not exactly.

    Neither one of them graded positively last year according to PFF. In fact none of the corners that are scheduled to start in 2015 (Gratz, Davon House and Demetrius McCray) graded out positively last year.

    That should be the perfect combination for the Titans passing game to thrive.

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