Junior Galette released by New Orleans, should Tennessee Titans take a look


ESPN reports that the New Orleans Saints have released young, talented pass rusher Junior Galette. This came after a video was released this year where a man- that is alleged to be Junior Galette- was attacking a woman.

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The ESPN story linked above refers to the video as:

“allegedly shows Galette striking a woman with a belt during a group scuffle on a beach that was recorded by an onlooker.”

Still, since the video is still being investigated by the NFL there has been no action from the NFL so a suspension could still be looming.

However, it is time to ask the question that every fan is thinking about their 31 teams: Is he worth the risk?

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  • How good is Junior Galette?

    In short, pretty darn good.

    This year he was a 10 sack player in a scheme that had him rushing from mostly a 4-3 end position. That was in addition to his three forced fumbles and 45 tackles.

    The best part about that is that, he did that in a system that probably doesn’t even emphasis his strengths best.

    In 2013 as a 3-4 edge rusher (which fits him best), Galette actually ended up tallying 12 sacks which earned him a huge contract last year.

    Junior Galette tallied 79 quarterback hurries over the last two years and would be a great addition to every team in the NFL, especially one that runs a 3-4 defense.

    Should the Titans look?

    I think you have to at this point.

    For how repugnant his actions were, can a team like the Tennessee Titans really stand on moral high ground with Justin Hunter still on the team and Dorial Green-Beckham coming into the league with some serious allegations?

    No one can or should support Junior Galette, but in the NFL unfortunately we know someone will. If Greg Hardy has a job, then any talented player can get a big contract regardless of whatever they have done off the field.

    The question at this point is can the Tennessee Titans afford to let the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts or Jacksonville Jaguars bolster their defenses with a player who has 22 sacks in the last two years? Especially when they are planning on starting a rookie quarterback from Week 1.

    The Tennessee Titans have all the cap in the world to sign him, and if he is required to pass through the waiver wire they would be foolish not to add him to a team that needs depth at edge rusher.

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