Tennessee Titans: Justin Hunter puts career in jeopardy


There is never a good time to go to jail, but Tennessee Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter picked the absolute worst time to find himself in trouble…less than two weeks away from the most important training camp of his career.

Multiple media outlets have reported that Hunter is being held without bond in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Hunter turned himself in Monday, after a warrant was issued for his arrest. The charge? Felonious assault. The charge stems from an alleged fight that occurred on July 3rd, at a bar no less. The melee resulted in a person being hospitalized, and words like malicious intent, stabbing, and wounding were used to describe the altercation.

This is serious.

While the charges are alleged at this point, and the Virginia Beach police department says that the investigation is ongoing, there is absolutely no way that Hunter flies to Tampa for the season opener.

The Titans issued a statement…

“We are aware of the situation and are continuing to gather more facts.”


“That’s strike 3 Justin, don’t let the doorknob hit you where…”

Ok, I digress.

Hunter had one foot out of the door without the trouble. Inconsistent play the last two seasons led to his position coach giving him a practice jersey last year…with the last name JAG…not Hunter. What does JAG mean?

Just Another Guy.

It’s no coincidence that Tennessee brought in two veteran free agent receivers, as well as drafting two more this spring. It was going to be tough for Hunter to earn a viable role this year without the alleged assault. And now the Titans have an easy out. Hunter is gone.

But what about his future? He’s only 24 years old.

Without a dramatic turn of events, it looks like Hunter would be facing a suspension for violating the conduct policy. Red flag number 2, his body of work does not support such a high risk acquisition. The Adrian Peterson’s and Greg Hardy’s of the world get second chances because they are game changers.

Hunter? Not so much.

We must remember that the charges are only alleged at this point, but if Hunter is found guilty, we may never see him in the league again.

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