First Down And Tenn: Marcus Mariota Saga Continues


With ten days left until Tennessee Titans players report to training camp, team officials and Marcus Mariota are still at odds with offset language in the rookie’s contract. ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky is convinced that Mariota will accept the offset language that has held up the signing, but he will wait until the last minute to do so. Joe Soriano from the NFLSpinZone has the best take on the subject today!

Tennessee Titans must give in to Marcus Mariota – Joe Soriano NFLSpinZone

The Tennessee Titans are clearly as high on Marcus Mariota as a quarterback as anyone, and this includes Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, because the Titans rejected a massive trade offer from the Eagles in order to take the Heisman winner with the No. 2 overall pick.

Mariota was undoubtedly worth taking at that spot due to his rushing ability, athleticism, vision, intelligence, ability to break down defenses, arm strength, and ball placement on sideline and deep throws. Mariota can make every throw, he takes care of the ball better than Jameis Winston does, and he’ll immediately be a big threat on the ground for the Titans.

Should the Tennessee Titans invest in a veteran running back – Will Lomas Music City Miracles

With solid veterans still available on the market, should the Tennessee Titans kick the tired on veteran running backs?

I know your gut reaction to this is going to be that this is stupid, but hear me out. While I think an improved offensive line, Jalston Fowler’s presence, defenses needing to account for Marcus Mariota’s speed, and David Cobb will all add to the Tennessee Titans effectiveness in the running game, there is no guarantee that it will ultimately improve.

3 Reasons why the Tennessee Titans won’t make the playoffs in 2015 – Brandon Borden iSportsWeb

Many of us know the Tennessee Titans aren’t in the position to contend for a playoff spot in 2015. With that being said, here’s my 3 reasons why the Tennessee Titans won’t make the playoffs during the 2015 season.

Best remaining NFL free agents: Defense – Marc Sessler Around The NFL

With training camp less than two weeks away, we’re closer than ever to real football.

Not everyone has a part in the action, however, with a laundry list of veteran defensive free agents still pounding the pavement for work.

After examining the league’s top remaining offensive free agents on Saturday, it’s time to look at some of the more well-known defensive names. Who can clubs turn to when injuries mount and choas sets in?

Let’s take a look:

NFL Training Camp: Best Free Agents Waiting on Camp Injuries to Sign – Ian Wharton Bleacher Report

There are always several talented veterans available as training camp nears. It happens every year. Some players benefit from waiting for injuries to occur or for their own injuries to heal. Then they can step into a major role.

The caliber of free agents still available is fairly impressive. Some of the players mentioned in the forthcoming slides should receive a guaranteed contract for 2015 and maybe beyond. Others are at the twilight of their careers, looking to prove they’ve still got gas in the tank.

NFL has been avoiding Friday bad news dumps, sort of – Mike Florio Pro Football Talk

The NFL privately bristles at the notion that it strategically dumps bad news on Friday afternoons. Setting aside for now the question of whether it makes sense to dump bad news on Friday afternoons (and it does), the NFL in recent years actually has used the tactic somewhat sparingly.

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