Tennessee Titans Should Stay Away From Jason Pierre Paul


Analyzing everything that has happened with New York defensive end, Jason Pierre Paul since being declared an unrestricted free agent at the start of the NFL off season, it appears the disgruntled 26 year-old pass rusher will not be returning to the Big Apple in 2015. The Tennessee Titans could use his kind of talent to get after opposing quarterbacks this year, but do they need this type of teammate?

The July 4th accident that has caused the six-year veteran out of South Florida to lose some fingers has somewhat confirmed the reasons the Giants had put JPP on the unrestricted free agency list, and NFL.com analyst, Adam Schein wonders why they decided to put the franchise tag on him.

"It’s not that the New York Giants should rescind the franchise tag on Jason Pierre-Paul — it’s that Big Blue never should’ve given him that designation in the first place. The events of the past week only serve to hammer home this point.Long before the 26-year-old regrettably put his future in jeopardy by haphazardly playing with fireworks on the Fourth of July, JPP wasn’t worth it.Now, the only question is, when will he be an ex-Giant? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? Judging by the defensive end’s showing on and off the field, I’d argue for immediate action from the franchise."

The Titans have over $27 Million in salary cap space, and could make a run at Pierre Paul, who is scheduled to make just over $14 Million in 2015 when, and if he is physically able to return to action this year, but why?

The Titans got rid of one locker room cancer when they gave offensive tackle, Michael Oher his unconditional release earlier this year, so why would they want to add another this late in the game?

In his free agent tracker, ESPN expert Bill Polian had JPP listed with a B- free agent grade where he was very high on his technique, but had concerns about JPP’s back problems, but had major concerns about his maturity and character issues.

JPP’s body of work in 2014 included 77 combined tackles, three forced fumbles and 12.5 sacks but Schein had this to say:

"Don’t get duped by last season’s final numbers. You had to watch the games to get the real story. Nine of JPP‘s 12.5 sacks came in the final five weeks of the season, when the Giants were completely out of the postseason race. Plus, of those five sack-happy games, four came against opponents ranked among the 10 worst teams in the NFL when it came to sacks allowed. So, essentially, he loaded up the stat sheet against inferior competition, when it mattered the least."

Jason Pierre Paul refused to see New York Giants trainer, Ronnie Barnes who traveled to South Florida to check on his condition at the hospital, and the Giants found out via Adam Schefter’s Twitter account that JPP had his right index finger amputated.

The Giants at this time have not rescinded the franchise tag on JPP yet, but it is probably just a matter of time that he will be available on the market.

The fragile psychic surrounding the Tennessee Titans at this point doesn’t need this type of distraction as they get ready for training camp in less than three weeks.

I still think the Titans need to spend a little more of that cap space on a couple more pieces, preferably along the offensive line, or on some help stopping the run, but they don’t need Jason Pierre Paul at any price!

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