PFF explains another reason why Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota will have a good year


The Tennessee Titans have been talked about as a team heading in the right direction, but a team that may have to take their lumps this year. However, the more I look at the team, the more potential for a breakout I see.

The most recent revelation is a tweet by Pro Football Focus that explains an unexpected asset for the Tennessee Titans:

“The Tennessee Titans backs had 75 receptions in 2014 without a single drop. (The only backs that didn’t drop a pass”

That is a pretty amazing stat for a team that really didn’t get a lot out of their receivers last year.

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Think about it like this. On third downs, the Tennessee Titans will have a full three very capable receivers: (hopefully) Dorial Green-Beckham, Kendall Wright and Harry Douglas.

On top of that, they have one of the best tight ends in football in Delanie Walker.

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  • After that, they now have the knowledge that they have running backs who not only can catch, but haven’t dropped a pass in a year.

    And to top it all off, they have Marcus Mariota’s athletic ability to tuck the ball and run if there is nothing open.

    That means that the defense has to account for six players on the snap of the ball, meaning unless they leave someone unguarded the most they can send is five on a blitz is five.

    This should give Marcus Mariota the time he needs to deliver a strike and move the chains.

    Now, in the NFL it is rarely as easy as it looks on paper, but Mariota’s ability to affect defenses with his legs will really make a difference. Say what you want about Jake Locker, but two years ago when the defense was good and the Tennessee Titans were hitting their stride the offense moved in large part because of that athleticism.

    If Marcus Mariota is what we think he will be, having this many weapons on top of a run game that should improve and a deeper offensive line it is alright for Tennessee Titans fans to finally think that there is something to look forward to on this team.

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