Are The Tennessee Titans Done In Free Agency For 2015?


As we sit with only 23 days until training camp opens for the Tennessee Titans, I have to wonder if they have made all the moves available in free agency and dance with the ones they brung, or there is another deal and player out there?

The current status and injury to New York Giants defensive lineman, Jason Pierre Paul begs the question if the Titans would get up off their wallets and make a run at a player like Pierre Paul if he becomes available, or just stand pat.

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No one is sure at this point about the defensive lineman’s medical status, but he has yet to sign the Franchise Tag which was put on him when free agency began. If he does not sign by July 15th, or the Giants choose to remove the tag, Pierre Paul would revert to his unrestricted free agent status, and be fair game for anyone in the league.

The Tennessee Titans are number two in the National Football League in regard to salary cap space available, behind the Jacksonville Jaguars and certainly have the room to go after a player of this caliber.

Whether they would elect to deal with the problems JPP might bring to the organization or not, is up for discussion, but when he is on the field, he is a blue-chip player.

According to Spotrac’s salary cap tracker, the Titans are currently at over $27 million in cap space and have the room to sign JPP and maybe another need as training camps get started or the possibility that someone they have their eyes on may be cut before the season starts.

The reason that JPP could become a problem for the Giants is Eli Manning. Eli is in the last year of his contract, and I’m sure they were looking to use the Franchise Tag on their franchise quarterback in 2016 if needed.

Assuming the Titans have no interest in JPP, teams who are set on defense and may have some good players hit the waiver wire before opening day include the St. Louis Rams, and Baltimore Colts.

The Rams have fielded one of the best defenses in the league in the past couple of years, and are especially set along the defensive line. Assuming everyone on the Titans D-Line stays healthy, they could still use some run-stopping help.

The Rams play a base 4-3 defense, and players there would need to adapt to the Dick LeBeau system. They are also top-heavy at strong safety, an area where the Titans could always use some help.

The Ravens are a different story. They too have some depth at free-safety and cornerback, and because they already play the 3-4, could make the transitions much easier.

I’m not sure why the Titans have not picked up more players in the free agency market with all that cap space available, on a team with so many holes.  But as a fan, I don’t care about player personnel budgets and hope that they are just waiting for the right guy at the right time.

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