AFC South overrated player: Blake Bortles


I understand excitement for a young quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater looked outstanding in his rookie season, so I get why Minnesota Vikings fans are excited.

Derek Carr looked pretty good in his first year as an Oakland Raider, and that was with no one to throw to and a bad offensive line. So again, I understand the excitement.

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Blake Bortles looked very…well he made a lot of…I mean he did some good…nope, I just don’t get it.

Call me a homer and say that I am looking at this through two-toned blue glasses, but what did Blake Bortles do that was so impressive again? Let’s start with this, his team won all three of their games, in spite of the rookie. This is a look at how the rookie did when his team actually won games last year.

Passing yards

On average, Blake Bortles only threw for 156 yards per game when his team won. If you extrapolate that to a full 16-game season, that ends up being 2,496 yards through the air which is worse than 25 other starting quarterbacks in the league including Geno Smith who didn’t play a full year, Kyle Orton, and Brian Hoyer who didn’t play a full year.

That is pretty rough.

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  • Interceptions

    Even when his team ended up winning the game, Blake Bortles threw one pick in each game on average. I know you may be thinking, “Well that isn’t fair, he is just a Brett Favre style of gunslinger that has to take his lumps. He scores more than he turns the ball over.” So, lets talk about that.


    In his wins, the gunslinger only averages one touchdown through the air. That doesn’t exactly justify handing the team another possession per game. Throughout the whole season he only managed to throw 11 touchdowns, Zach Mettenberger was just three shy of that number and he only played in five games this year.

    So say what you want about Blake Bortles and his potential, but it is just hard for me to understand how you turn a 11:16 TD to INT ratio and a 58.9% completion rating into the narrative that Bortles is ready to lead a franchise.

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