Will Tennessee Titans Fans Be Happy With Six-Win Season?


It’s really difficult in the National Football League to turn a franchise around in one season, and especially a franchise like the Tennessee Titans with so many holes on both sides of the football. When the Seattle Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson in the 2012 draft, they had a good running game intact with “Beat Mode” and a playoff-ready defense.

By week seven, the Tennessee Titans have a real chance to double their 2-14 2014 win total

The Titans will be still looking to find success in any category as the 2015 season get started against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on September 13th, and face a daunting task just trying to reach 8 and 8.

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Looking at the schedule for the entire season, I think six wins for this team is a realistic goal and I would be beside myself if they can best that by even one game and get to, say 7 and 9 or even 8 and 8.

I agree with Brandon Bordon at iSportsWeb and his predictions for the first four games which include a bye-week during week four.

Getting to week five at two and two would be a huge boost for this team and for most of the fans around Music City. I think victories against the Tampa Bay Bucs and Cleveland Browns are a real possibility, while losses to the Indianapolis Colts and the new-look Buffalo Bills are almost a certainty.

Even though the bye week will be crucial to any early-season adjustments, the week five through nine stretch is where the success of the entire season lies.

The other factor past week four is teams will have film on what the Titans will be trying to do, and we know how quickly defensive coordinators around the NFL can put a stop to a teams progress and leave it up to coaches to make necessary adjustments.

The main job for the offense is to get through a meeting with Ndamakong Suh and the Miami Dolphins and a divisional matchup with the Houston Texans with their quarterbacks healthy.

J.J. Watt in Houston is a handful and add a healthy Jadeveon Clowney to the other side, and this game could be double trouble.

I agree with Brandon Bordon here again in thinking the Titans have a real chance to beat the Miami Dolphins, and the Atlanta Falcons.

"The Titans defense harasses Ryan Tanehill and will keep the dolphins offensive at bay; if the Titans can cause a handful of turnovers, they may have a chance to win. I see this game as a turnover-ridden, low scoring match-up in favor of the Miami Dolphins. Titans lose their third game in a row, Dolphins beat the Titans 13-10.I believe this game may be the most important non-division game for the Titans all year, it will set the pace and attitude for the second half of the season. After three straight losses, the Titans will pull of an upset against a Falcons team that my be the division leaders in a crowded NFC South. Titans shock the Falcons, win by the score of 27-24."

By week seven, the Tennessee Titans have a real chance to double their 2-14 2014 win total. The next spot where I think they have a chance of picking up a couple more wins is week 11-13.

They face the Jacksonville Jaguars twice and Oakland Raiders during this stretch, and barring too many injuries to deal with, the Titans could well get two of these games, maybe three.

After week 13, it will be bleak. The Jets and Pats in back-to-back weeks and then they face the Texans and Colts to finish the season.

The week 15 game is the final home game of the year, and a victory over the division rivals would be icing on the cake, and turn a good season into a great one.

I think a six and six season would be great. If they could get to 7 and 9 in the last two weeks, I would be like the girl in the insurance commercial, and break into my happy-dance!

Is that enough for you this year, and more importantly, does it buy Ken Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster another year in Nashville?

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