Brovada releases their Tennessee Titans win projections


According to multiple sources today Brovada (which is the go to “Vegas” projection folks) posted their updated 2015 projections for NFL teams.

They posted that the Tennessee Titans “Over-Under” for the team is 5.5 wins. That means that they only project the Tennessee Titans to win between five and six games this year.

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The Tennessee Titans are tied in last place with the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Now, I disagree with this metric, but there is a lot of mixed messages going on in the national media this week. One day the Tennessee Titans are getting ripped by NFL power rankings when they are listed as the worst team in the league. The next day the media is talking about how Marcus Mariota is leading the NFL in individual jersey sales. Now, it is this.

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  • However, it is important to remember what time of year it is. This time last year the Dallas Cowboys were set to be a laughing stock, the Jacksonville Jaguars were an up and coming franchise, and the Minnesota Vikings were going to have to put the whole team on Adrian Peterson’s back because they “reached” for Teddy Bridgewater.

    There is no reason to be concerned about the Tennessee Titans in my mind. Not only did the team come into the offseason with a plan, they executed that plan to perfection. The only thing it lacked was adding a blue-chip player like Devin McCourty in free agency and no one was going to tear him away from New England.

    Everything out of Tennessee Titans OTA sound great and are exactly what you want to hear, so while I am in no way encouraging gambling, 5.5 looks awfully low…

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