Do any Tennessee Titans deserve an extension?


With Cam Newton getting a huge extension, and other people around the league rumored to be working on contracts with their top would-be free agents, it is time to look at the Tennessee Titans roster. Are there any people who deserve to be working on long-term deal before the end of the season?

The must-keeps:

Kendall Wright WR

While he isn’t a Pro-Bowl caliber receiver right now, he is very close to that line. Despite the terrible quarterback situation he has had to deal with his entire career, he has still manged to be one of the most impressive Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers wide receivers in the history of the franchise. If he and Marcus Mariota hit it off well then this is an absolute must-keep caliber player.

(Technically Wright isn’t a free agent until 2017, but extending him now makes sense rather than paying that steep fifth year option.)

The ideal signees

Sammie Hill NT

Sammie Hill is one of the better defensive linemen on this team, and if there is any sort of improvement on the defense you likely won’t want to change one of the centerpieces of that defense.

Defensive coordinators in a 3-4 usually preach that the way to make a defense great is by building up the middle: NT, ILB, S. If that is the case, then the Tennessee Titans will be set at those positions long term with the re-signing of Sammie Hill.

Zach Brown ILB

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Seemingly a perfect fit in this interior speed-blitz heavy offense, Zach Brown is poised for a big year if he can stay healthy. If he does, I think both Zach Brown and the Tennessee Titans make a lot of sense together considering this is where he would have the most value.

Players who will compete for a starting job this year.

Coty Sensabaugh CB

Just a few years removed from being one of the better slot corners in the league, Coty Sensabaugh needs to have a great year to be looked at as a starter throughout the league. If Blidi Wreh-Wilson takes over the nickel corner spot from him, then this won’t happen. However, I believe that in a true one-on-one competition for that spot, Coty Sensabaugh wins.

Al Woods/Mike Martin DL

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  • These players don’t make sense on the same team for much longer. It will be cost prohibitive to keep both of them, so whichever one stands out the most this year should be locked down so the Tennessee Titans can focus on other positions of need.

    Long term options (2017 free agents)

    Delanie Walker TE

    Delanie Walker is an absolute stud and with a new quarterback and more receivers to spread out the field, he should only get better in the next few years. Lock him up and let him be one of the faces of your franchise. Not only is he a good player on the field, but he is passionate about his off the field projects and is a great example and leader to other players.

    Chance Warmack G

    A year ago I wouldn’t have thought I would be typing this, but man Chance Warmack is a really good guard. His last six games were very strong and at this point it looks like he will live up to the billing of the best guard in that draft he was taken in. Not only that, but he may end up being the best overall offensive lineman in that draft.

    I think that now is the perfect time to sign Chance Warmack to a Tyron-Smith-like contract where he is locked up the rest of his career essentially for a good market price.

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