Could the Tennessee Titans be the perfect team for Hard Knocks?


It is the middle of May and with OTAs approaching it means that HBO’s in depth NFL series “Hard Knocks” is right around the corner. While a month ago the Tennessee Titans seemed like a poor choice, HBO might want to pull a 180 and take another look at Nashville.

Location and situation

First of all, instead of being in the middle of nowhere, the Tennessee Titans train in Nashville just minutes away from a bustling city. With country music and bigger-than-life attitude everywhere, Nashville has the perfect blend of small town and big city to make for a unique location for the 2015 season.

Also, there aren’t exactly a lot of teams that the NFL can force to do Hard Knocks at this point. According to a report from Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk,

“Only teams with new head coaches, teams that have appeared in the playoffs the past two years, and teams that have appeared on the series in the past decade can not be compelled to open their training camp to the NFL Films cameras and microphones. This year, the teams that fall within that category are the Browns, Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Washington, Giants, Vikings, Buccaneers, and Rams.”

“This year, the teams that fall within that category are the Browns, Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Washington, Giants, Vikings, Buccaneers, and Rams”-Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk


This team had no identity a month ago, but now there are several faces you can put on the sizzle reel to get some attention. Marcus Mariota is no the face of the franchise and is one of the most likeable people in this rookie class. For those that want to argue that Jameis Winston is more likeable, I would argue don’t confuse loud and likeable. Bobby Bowden said on the Paul Finebaum show (and you can find the audio here on that, “I think it’s a consensus among Florida State fans and boosters that he was an embarrassment, in a lot of ways, to the university.” He also went on to say that he thought Jameis Winston’s actions were “junior high school decisions”. While Jameis Winston has no shortage of detractors, the more people are around Marcus Mariota the more they love him. Current NFL players have come out and lauded his leadership abilities and Chip Kelly (his former coach) desperately tried to move up and grab him in the draft.

With that knowledge, HBO would get a chance to give viewers and up close and personal look at a player that does not normally get in front of the cameras like an open book.

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  • Along with that you have the redemption story of Dorial Green-Beckham, a man who says he was wrongfully accused of a lot of the issues that sent him out of Mizzou despite an elite level of play. He believes he has paid for his transgressions and this would give him an outlet to show what type of person he really is.

    Finally, don’t forget how big of a personality that second year player Taylor Lewan is. Not only is the very good left tackle for the Tennessee Titans a hulking figure at 6’7″, but he is also an energetic guy that people gravitate to. Combine that with his nasty disposition on the field and you have a fun player to watch in practice and scrimmages.

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    Hidden Gems

    Don’t forget that the Tennessee Titans are actually a fairly decent roster that is often overlooked. Jurrell Casey is a very vocal, fun player to watch on’s “Sound FX” show throughout the year. The leader of the Tennessee Titans defense is one of the nicer guys in the league on the field, despite the havoc he wreaks.

    Kendall Wright doesn’t get the attention he deserves for constant performance in the face of a revolving door at quarterback. In the past three years Kendall Wright has had to catch pass from seven different quarterbacks, which has to be a terrible way to enter the NFL. Despite that, he has 2,420 receiving yards in that time.

    Delanie Walker is a similar player who has thrived despite inconsistency at the quarterback position. The former backup for Vernon Davis has easily surpassed him in the last two years and looks primed for a big season with a better QB at the helm.

    Finally, maybe the most interesting person in camp is Dick LeBeau. The man who is widely considered to be the best defensive coordinator in the league is now with the Tennessee Titans and it would give a glimpse into how he teaches such a complex defense.


    This team is very interesting and it gives a chance for Hard Knocks to capitalize on the momentum that the Tennessee Titans have right now. With the perfect combination of good guys, redemption stories, big names, and hidden gems, this team is the perfect candidate for the 2015 edition of Hard Knocks.

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