Marcus Mariota over Zach Mettenberger in a landslide


The Tennessee Titans have yet to take the field as a whole, and we’re already talking about a quarterback controversy. Marcus Mariota or Zach Mettenberger? And everyone is weighing in.

That’s a good thing if it’s coming from the fans, and people who are paid to discuss such things. But it is a bad thing when it’s coming from the players. We’ll continue to discuss the latter throughout the week.

But as it relates to the question at hand. It’s Mariota, and it ain’t even close.

First…the obvious.

Mariota was selected 2nd overall, and in today’s league, qb’s that are taken that high immediately see the field more often than not. You’re paying them the most money, and marketing them as the “star of the show”. Tennessee has already set the Mariota media machine in motion, and they cannot turn back.

The NFL is in the entertainment business, just like the rest of Hollywood. You don’t pay an A list actor millions of dollars to star in your movie, and market them as such, only to give them a couple of lines in the film.

It just doesn’t work that way.

To his credit, Mariota put himself in a position to be selected that high by his on…and off field collegiate body of work. Mettenberger had his chance, but red flags…the product of his own doing…followed him into last year’s draft. In the qb starved NFL, you get drafted in the sixth round for a reason.

In fact, there’s nothing to suggest that Mariota wouldn’t have been taken ahead of Mettenberger last year as well. I’m willing to bet that he would have.

But that’s not the only reason why there should be no qb controversy.

OTA’s are scheduled to start in just over a week, which gives your new face of the franchise just a few months to get ready for his week 1 rematch with the #1 overall pick…Jameis Winston.

On a side note, good job by you NFL.

If the Titans, and Ken Whisenhunt specifically, treats this as an open competition, then you are essentially robbing both qb’s of starter reps this summer. Thus, hindering both in an attempt to overthink this.

Don’t get me wrong, Mettenberger definitely has an NFL arm, and real game experience. But he was also winless in six starts.

That’s 0-6 Titans fans.

And realistically speaking, something you’d expect from a sixth round pick that was thrown into the fire before he was ready.

And last but certainly not least, job security. Marcus Mariota provides that for coach Whisenhunt and General Manager Ruston Webster. If Tennessee were to roll Mettenberger out there week 1 against Tampa Bay, and lose to a rookie qb, then what?

That would then give Mettenberger an 0-7 career record as a starting qb, the Titans an 11 game losing streak, and the front office a spot on the hot seat.

You have to go with Mariota.

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