The Dorial Green-Beckham comparison you should be using

facebooktwitterreddit’s Bucky Brooks says that Tennessee Titans rookie wide receiver reminds him of Alshon Jeffery the Chicago Bears wide receiver. However, before he said that he said the easy comparison was Plaxico Burress.

When I first heard that I scratched my head because I remember Plaxico Burress as guy who made his money in the redzone rather than with his blazing speed. But, if you take his ability as an all-around solid receiver who demanded attention, and added a fifth gear I think that might be a great comparison for the rookie from Missouri.

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Looking at the combine numbers reenforces this fact. Lets break that down (these are based off of the only numbers I could find from Plaxico Burress):


Plaxico Burress: 6’5.4″

Dorial Green-Beckham:  6’5.1″


Plaxico Burress: 231 lb.

Dorial Green-Beckham: 237 lb.

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  • 40-yard

    Plaxico Burress: 4.59

    Dorial Green Beckham 4.49

    Vertical Jump

    Plaxico Burress: 33 inches

    Dorial Green-Beckham: 33.5 inches

    Broad Jump

    Plaxico Burress: 9’7″

    Dorial Green-Beckham: 9’11”

    I mean, that is as close as a match as you can get from two physical specimen’s like Plaxico Buress and Dorial Green-Beckham.

    Now, you may be thinking that this tarnishes the potential of Dorial Green-Beckham and you are right…sorta. Dorial Green-Beckham flashed elite potential in just two years of college play, and he is (arguably) clearly more elusive and more diverse than Plaxico Burress was coming out of college.

    However, being compared to Plaxico Burress should be an honor for Dorial Green-Beckham. For those that only remember him for his off the field issues, allow me to remind you of how dominant he was in his time.

    He was the number one target for both Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning. During that time he also helped lead the New York Giants to a win over the New England Patriots.

    Plaxico Burress was such a difference maker that despite playing for two run-first teams AND drawing most of the attention on passing downs, he still averaged 980 yards receiving per season.

    The player should be held in reverence when talking about receivers, but instead he has been forgotten because of his mistakes off the field.

    Tennessee Titans fans should hope that he becomes the best of what Plaxico Burress was, while leaving the worst parts of him in the past. If he does, maybe Ken Whisenhunt (who helped coach Plaxico Burress in 2004) can help recreate the process he used to make future Hall of Fame quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

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