Tennessee Titans Fans Need To Manage 2015 Expectations


After reading various 2015 NFL Draft grades for all 32 teams around the National Football League, I was very satisfied that the Tennessee Titans earned scores that averaged a B- from most experts. And although I was encouraged with them getting a franchise quarterback in the first round along with some nice accompanying offensive pieces, I still think it’s very hard to dig out of a 2-14 season.

It’s a little like spiffing up your home to hide the defects before you put up the “For Sale” sign

A few nice moves in free agency and a nice draft will not cure all of the woes surrounding this proud old franchise, including ownership and management issues.

If you take a hard look at the teams around the NFL who are either winning or challenging every year for a Super Bowl, the success starts at the top. The teams re-build quickly after a down season, they neither have turnover in the front office or on the field.

The Titans have neither in Music City. Since the passing of long-time franchise owner, Bud Adams, this team has had very little support from ownership and no matter how many franchise quarterbacks they draft, until they organize at the top, all fans can hope for is for the team to provide some excitement on Sunday afternoons this fall.

I’m not convinced that this team is still not for sale, and the major job that General Manager Ruston Webster is tasked with is to make 2015 interesting enough to garner enough interest for potential buyers.

It’s a little like spiffing up your home to hide the defects before you put up the “For Sale” sign.

Although I am not a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, I have always been a fan of the organization. I was hoping that by bringing Ken Whisenhunt in, and adding Dick LeBeau this would expose Titans management to people who worked in a successful franchise. But if they don’t “Just Win Baby” soon, that too will be gone.

It’s obvious that Las Vegas feels the same way. In an article on ESPN’s Insider Page by Dave Turley entitled ” Vegas Rankings Following The NFL Draft“. Want to take a guess at where Vegas is ranking the Titans in 2015?

That’s right…Dead Last!

"There has been a lot of player movement around the league between trades and free agency, but after we checked in on the teams following last weekend’s draft, the Seahawks are still the top team in the combined ratings from our panel of ESPN Chalk handicappers — Erin Rynning of sportsmemo.com, Sal Selvaggio of madduxsports.com and yours truly, Dave Tuley.32. Tennessee Titans (14)After all the speculation, Tennessee kept the No. 2 pick and went with Marcus Mariota. But just like Tampa, teams that get the top picks usually have a lot of other problems to overcome in the short term.Previous rating: 13"

My dad used to tell me that if you were to divide all the money in the world equally between all the people in the world, within ten years, the people who have all the money today would have it again, and the people who are broke today would be broke again.

You could take this analogy to the NFL, and it would hold up. Good decisions by management continues to drive teams to the Super Bowl year-in and year-out.

Until the management in Nashville becomes successful in football, the Tennessee Titans will continue to have mediocre seasons no matter who they draft each year.

As fans, all we can hope for is for the players to care enough to give us some exciting moments on the field while we wait for management to catch up!

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