What would the Tennessee Titans in a trade for Zach Mettenberger


The Tennessee Titans made a big splash in the 2015 NFL Draft by taking Marcus Mariota second overall, however they may be able to make an equally splashy move by getting rid of their former starting quarterback Zach Mettenberger.

I am a fan of Zach Mettenberger and agree with Greg Cosell that he was one of the best quarterbacks in the preseason and he has a lot of potential. With the 2015 NFL quarterback class after the first two players being a joke, and the 2016 NFL Draft class not looking any better the Tennessee Titans are in the perfect position to get premium value for a quarterback with immediate starting ability and long-term value.

This list takes into consideration teams that need either a starting quarterback or there is a reason why they need to have a top-end #2 guy behind the current starter.

Andre Smith RT, Cincinnati Bengals

A.J. Green, Andrew Whitworth, Andre Smith, and Mohamed Sanu are all free agents in 2016 and the Cincinnati Bengals need can’t survive letting them all walk for nothing. However, after drafting Cedric Ogbuehi (who is best at right tackle) and Jake Fisher in the top two rounds, one or both of the starting tackle could walk.

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With Andy Dalton the bane of every Cincinnati Bengals fans existence, Zach Mettenberger gives them a quarterback with similar abilities except with more upside and a bigger arm. It also allows them to evaluate and see what their future would look like if they had someone who could consistently get the ball to A.J. Green deep.

The Tennessee Titans drafted Jeremiah Poutasi in the third round, but he would be a much better guard than tackle. This give the Tennessee Titans a true bookend tackle to go with Taylor Lewan and makes the guard position better at the same time.

Quinton Coples DE, New York Jets

The former Tar Heel hasn’t been a great fit as an outside linebacker in New York, and maybe that is because he was miscast there. He arguably had his best year in his rookie year where he played on the defensive line.

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  • Either way the New York Jets drafted his replacement on the defensive line (Leonard Williams) and at linebacker (Lorenzo Mauldin) so he could be the odd man out in 2015.

    The New York Jets brought in Bryce Petty, but there are some issues there. First of all the New York crowd is not going to let a quarterback get time to get adjusted. As soon as Geno Smith makes his return, throws more interceptions than touchdowns and loses games the fans will be begging for Bryce Petty. Then if he hasn’t learned the NFL system yet then he is in deep trouble. Make it easy for him, give him another layer of protection in Zach Mettenberger.

    The Tennessee Titans brought in Angelo Blackson in the draft, but why not play them both? Dick LeBeau has made some devastatingly good 5-techniques out of mid-round players so imagine what he could do with a year to groom Angelo Blackson AND a year with Quinton Coples?

    Phil Taylor NT, Cleveland Browns

    I’ll make this one shorter after some longer posts before. Phil Taylor has been mediocre for the Cleveland Browns, except for the one year he had with Tennessee Titans defensive coach Ray Horton coaching him.

    The Cleveland Browns get a quarterback that can potentially start for them, and the Tennessee Titans take a player that they don’t really know how to use correctly.

    Mychal Kendricks LB, Philadelphia Eagles

    The Philadelphia Eagles were trying to trade Mychal Kendricks pre-draft and will probably take anything for him at this point. If that is the case, we know that Chip Kelly loves quarterbacks and will likely be ready to trade for any player who can run his offense well. I don’t think this is a great fit for the Philadelphia Eagles, but who knows Chip Kelly’s mind and do you really think that Sam Bradford can make it an entire season?

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