Tennessee Titans: First Down And Tenn – Draft Day Edition


Tennessee Titans fans have been waiting for April 30th since the end of the 2014 regular season. A chance to find players in the 2015 NFL Draft that can help them get the taste of a 2-14 effort out of their mouth. At this writing, they only need to wait just over 12 more hours.

Source: Browns discuss trade for No. 2 pick, covet Marcus Mariota – Pat McManamon ESPN

"The Browns, according to the source, made an offer to the Titans that includes the team’s two first-round picks — 12th and 19th overall.Both teams privately denied the report. A source with the Titans told ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky that the Browns had not made an offer for the No. 2 overall pick, and another source close to the Browns said there have been no substantive talks with the Titans — claiming these discussions commonly take place as the draft approaches. ESPN’s initial source, however, said the talks were more substantive than that.Meanwhile, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the Titans have gotten calls from multiple teams inquiring about what it will take to trade for the second overall pick."

Why drafting Marcus Mariota, then trading him, is not a realistic scenario for Titans – Paul Kuharsky ESPN

"General manager Ruston Webster put that to rest on Tuesday.ESPN’s Bob Holtzman asked Webster if there was a scenario where the Titans would make a pick and then trade the player.Webster said no."

NFL Trade Rumors: Philip Rivers Option For Tennessee Titans, Jets Over Marcus Mariota, Jay Cutler If Traded By Chargers? – M. Jussim Sports World Report.

"According to Pro Football Talk, the Chargers’ interest in Mariota is real and the team could consider trading Philip Rivers to the Titans to move up to draft the quarterback. UT San Diego reporter Kevin Acee reported a couple weeks ago that there was “serious” talk of the Chargers moving up to get Mariota. Pro Football Talk picked up on a report from David Climer of the Tennesseean that said the Titans and Chargers could be partners for a deal if Rivers was involved.Tom Telesco and the Chargers have said that the team is not looking to trade Rivers, but with the quarterback coming into the final year of his contract, his future with the franchise is uncertain. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported last month that it would take “multiple first-round picks” for Rivers, but if the second overall pick was involved, it could change things."

As Eagles try to trade up, Fletcher Cox could be available – Michael David Smith Pro Football Talk

"Chip Kelly said at the end of last season thatFletcher Cox had been the Eagles’ most valuable player. In a sign of how badly Kelly wants to trade up in the draft, there’s now talk of the Eagles dealing their MVP.Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Cox is viewed as a potential trade piece for the Eagles."

Titans’ triple option: Winston, Mariota or trade pick – Jim Wyatt The Tennessean

"After months of studying tape and interviewing players, indications are the Titans are comfortable with selecting former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston or former Oregon quarterback Mariota with the second overall pick on Thursday. The Buccaneers are expected to take Winston, which would leave Mariota for the Titans.The drama won’t end, however, until the card with the pick is handed to an NFL official at the draft in Chicago. The Titans have been in discussions with a number of teams in recent days regarding a trade for the No. 2 pick, and those conversations are expected to continue leading up to the start of the draft at 7 p.m."

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