2015 NFL Draft: Lomas Tennessee Titans best case scenario


It is here! In just 30 minutes the Tennessee Titans will be on deck to pick second overall in the 2015 NFL Draft…or will they?

My best case scenario is a trade between the Tennessee Titans and the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are the parameters I would want:

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The Philadelphia Eagles receive

-Marcus Mariota QB, Oregon

The Tennessee Titans receive

-Fletcher Cox DL

-Evan Mathis LG

-Mychal Kendricks LB

-19th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft (that the Philadelphia Eagles will get after trading Sam Bradford to the Cleveland Browns)

-20th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft

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  • Why this could happen

    There is an outside shot of this actually happening. Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles have been trying to move all three of these players at some point this season according to recent reports. That combined with the fact that the Tennessee Titans have made it clear that they will need a ransom to convince them to not take Marcus Mariota, makes the price tag actually realistic.

    If the Tennessee Titans stick to their asking price of three first round picks above 17 then this could be a round about way to get that. They would have two first round picks that they could theoretically trade up to get a player, the best left guard in the league which is worth a first round pick, and one of the three best 3-4 defensive linemen in the league which would also be worth a first round pick.

    The Tennessee Titans could then focus on filling the need at wide receiver, right tackle and edge rusher all in the top 33 picks of the 2015 NFL Draft. That would be an amazing haul and it could turn this team into a playoff caliber franchise with a bright future.

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