Stopping Andrew Luck is a stupid narrative for Tennessee Titans


Every time someone talks about the Tennessee Titans and the 2015 NFL Draft, it is impossible to get away from the narrative of building a team to beat Andrew Luck. However, they talk about this narrative and then discuss taking quarterbacks or offensive players. If the Tennessee Titans are going to win more, the formula is simple: get better.

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People that say that you have to beat Andrew Luck to get to the playoffs are wrong. Every year two teams get wildcard births into the playoffs that didn’t beat their own “Andrew-Luck-sized” obstacles. Building a team to beat a certain player is a foolish idea and it almost never works.

The idea in the draft should be (as it should be in all aspects of the sport) to build the best team you can build. If the Tennessee Titans were honestly building a team to stop Andrew Luck then they would draft corners and pass rushers in every round of the draft.

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  • I’m not saying that the Tennessee Titans should ignore Andrew Luck’s ability, however lets say the Tennessee Titans trade down with the Cleveland Browns, which is the hot rumor today.

    The Tennessee Titans could pigeonhole themselves into drafting defense to make sure they can attack Andrew Luck next year, but what if Brandon Scherff is there at 12? Should they really pass on the best offensive lineman in this draft (which is a need for the Tennessee Titans) for the fifth best pass rusher? No, of course not.

    What if Todd Gurley is still on the board with the 19th pick in the draft? Should they force themselves to draft a defensive back that they have ranked lower just because it helps them stop Andrew Luck? No.

    My point to all this, is the way to beat Andrew Luck is the same method that the team should use to beat the 30 other teams in this league. Find the best players that fit your team and build around those. It is better to add a blue-chip player at a position of need than to force yourself to draft a player that doesn’t improve the team.

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