Tennessee Titans: First Down And Tenn 4/27 Edition


At this writing, the 2015 NFL Draft is only 3 Days 12 Hours 51 Mins and 13 Secs away, and if you are a Tennessee Titans fan, it could still be an eternity. With so many questions surrounding this football team, all we can do is hope Ken Whisenhunt, and Ruston Webster have some answers. What we don’t need is another 2-14 season this year!

So let’s get to the news.

Titans defense pre-draft analysis: A work in progress  – Jim Wyatt The Tennesseean

"My take: Earlier in the offseason, I was convinced Williams would be the pick for the Titans, but I don’t feel that way today. Williams is going to be a great player in the NFL, but I just don’t think the Titans would get the bang for their buck with him at No. 2. Defensive ends in a 3-4 system aren’t 10-sack guys. Plus, the Titans are pretty solid on the defensive line. Casey is a Pro Bowl caliber player on one side, and the team has some solid players and good depth across the line."

An interesting, contrary view on Tennessee Titans GM Ruston Webster – Will Lomas Music City Miracles

"So aside from Ken Whisenhunt, maybe no one took more heat for this bad 2014 season than Ruston Webster. People berated him and gave him a hard time for drafting Taylor Lewan (a move I was not behind at the the time) instead of an instant starter."

Marcus Mariota talks personality, leadership, pro concepts – Paul Kuharsky ESPN

"“As you develop relationships in your team you have to learn how your teammates react to being yelled at or how to put your arm around them and show them how to do things. You have to build those relationships up and understand who that person is and how they respond and choose your way to lead them to hopefully help everyone out.”Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt recently said Mariota’s ability to read defenses is underrated by some, because the quarterback had to fully understand pass protections and run blocking in order to run Oregon’s read-option."

Examining a trade for Marcus Mariota … after the Titans draft the QB at No. 2 – Jason La Confor CBS Sports

"If there is any lingering doubt in the minds of the men pursuing Mariota via trade — Chip Kelly or Jimmy Haslam or Tom Telesco or anyone else — the Titans would go ahead and take the quarterback there in the event there’s anything holding those teams back from making their ultimate offer because they think maybe Mariota could be had lower. If they doubt that Ken Whinsehunt would go ahead and pick the Oregon passer, well that ends the moment the Titans secure his rights by putting his name on the card. And the chase would still be on."

Tennessee Titans Team Mock Draft – Three Drafts in One – George Stockburger NFL Mocks

"The Tennessee Titans are one of the more interesting teams to draft for. They hold the key cog in the draft that will dramatically change the way the boards go. There are three ways they could go with the second overall pick, which has led me to develop my very own “What If?” draft, or three-in-one. Each team will have three results depending on what will happen with the second overall pick, all stemming from what I like to call the “Mariota Effect” (yes, its a classical music pun, culture your self). What the Titans do with this pick will set the tone for the entire draft, leaving teams scrambling to rethink their draft strategies. This will leave players"

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