Marcus Mariota Is A Must At Number 2 For Tennessee Titans


Providing there is no block buster trade on the table for the Tennessee Titans as the 2015 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday night, the Titans need to go ahead and take Marcus Mariota with the second pick.

Will the Titans make some good moves, or will it be another year waiting for the 2016 NFL Draft night?

I totally agree with what Mel Kiper had to say on Sports Center this morning. If Zach Mettenberger beats him out in training camp, so be it. If not, you are sure you made the right move. If you pass on him, and Zach can’t deliver the mail, you are still needing a quarterback.

Kiper also said it again in his Head-To-Head mock draft with Todd McShay.

"This wasn’t at all a tough decision for me. Zach Mettenberger simply can’t match Mariota as a talent, and even if I’m not sold on Mariota, at this slot he’s a valuable trade asset that I can listen to offers on. And I’m not at all in the camp that says Mariota can’t “fit our system.”"

Sometimes it’s impossible to get a draft-day trade to work. For Example, if we are talking about trading with the San Diego Chargers for Philip Rivers, there are a lot of logistics to handle with this deal that simply can’t be achieved while you’re on the clock.

Rivers doesn’t have a contract past this year. You can’t trade for him not knowing if he isn’t locked up for at least three years, and hopefully five.

He had some medical issues that need to be looked into before a deal can be made. All of these issues are critical and need attention ahead of any trade.

The options that are available also include a draft and trade. Once the Titans have selected Mariota, that will force the other teams such as the New York Jets, the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles to only deal with the Titans if they want the Oregon star.

The Titans also need a right tackle, a wide receiver and a defensive end, not to mention an edge rusher, God forbid Brian Orakpo pulls up lame. But taking one of these players with the second pick, in my opinion, is just out of the question.

Life, and the NFL Draft have proven they come with uncertainty, and even though the world is convinced that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to draft Jameis Winston, that too, is not for sure.

In fact wouldn’t draft night, and most of the team “War Rooms” become more interesting if the Bucs select Marcus Mariota?  The next question has to be, what do the Titans do then?

Most NFL Draft nights are entertaining to say the least, and this one should be very entertaining for Tennessee Titans fans. Will the Titans make some good moves, or will it be another year waiting for the 2016 NFL Draft night?

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