Breaking: Tennessee Titans 2015 schedule released


The 2015 NFL schedules have just been released and this is what it looks like for the Tennessee Titans. (All times are in EST).

Week 1: Tennessee Titans @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4:25

Note: This is the first time the Tennessee Titans have had a midday matchup in a while (or at least it feels that way). This is likely because the top two teams and the draft are getting to face each other.

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  • Week 2: Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns: 1:00

    Week 3: Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans 1:00

    Week 4: BYE WEEK

    Note: Rough time to have a bye week. The Tennessee Titans will have to play 13 weeks in a row after this.

    Week 5: Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans 1:00

    Week 6: Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans 1:00

    Week 7: Atlanta Falcons @ Tennessee Titans 1:00

    Note: This will be the fourth time in a row that the Tennessee Titans will be at home. There is a bye week in the middle, but this may give the Tennessee Titans a chance to build momentum.

    Week 8: Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans 1:00

    Week 9: Tennessee Titans @ New Orleans Saints 1:00

    Week 10: Carolina Panthers @ Tennessee Titans 1:00

    Week 11 (Thursday Night) : Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars 8:25

    Week 12: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans 1:00

    Week 13: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans 1:00

    Notes: The Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars play twice in 18 days, that is an amazingly short amount of time.

    Week 14: Tennessee Titans @ New York Jets 1:00

    Week 15: Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots 1:00

    Week 16: Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans 1:00

    Week 17: Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts 1:00

    I will have more on this later tonight, but really the Tennessee Titans should be very happy with their schedule in my opinion. This gives them a real chance to be competitive.

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