2 biggest questions about the Tennessee Titans 2015 schedule


With the 2015 NFL schedules now released, it is time to look at what the biggest issues and notes are. Ultimately it comes down to two big things for me when talking about the Tennessee Titans and their schedule.

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  • Bye Week

    The Tennessee Titans have mostly had late, or mid season bye weeks in recent years so fans may not be familiar with how it changes things when you have an early bye week. With the Tennessee Titans ultimately ending up with a bye week in week four, lets take a look at how that has affected teams in the past.

    Last years average record of teams that had a bye week in week 4 was 10 wins. Now, I am not saying that the Tennessee Titans will win 10 games next year, all I am saying is that it obviously didn’t affect those teams as much as you might think.

    In fact, you could argue that it may be a benefit. Every year it seems there is some no-brainer change that needs to be made in the line up, and beat writers give the excuse that they coaches are waiting until the bye week. Well, if they can make that change early and they aren’t waiting for week 8 to do it, then it means they can change whenever they feel like it in the season.

    All in all, history shows us that this bye week isn’t a killer or even a detriment to winning.


    Tennessee Titans fans should rejoice, not only do they not have another brutal multiple week stretch where they will be on the road, they have a huge schedule benefit. For five weeks (if you include the bye) the Tennessee Titans won’t have to step foot on a plane, bus or any other means of transportation on game day. From September 21st to November 1st, the Tennessee Titans will get to practice, sleep, play, and recover in the same location. That is HUGE.

    I don’t have any stats on how that kind of block helps a team, but to get that sort of block of games at home without having to pay it back later with a big chunk of road games may be unheard of.

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