2015 NFL Draft: History of the 100th pick


With people counting down the days until the 2015 NFL Draft, I decided to look back rather that look forward. Specifically, I am looking back at the history of the 100th pick in the NFL Draft.

Why the 100th pick you might ask. Well, I honestly forgot the Tennessee Titans even had the 100th pick until a yesterday when I was listening to 104.5 The Zone interview the infamous “Voice of the Titans” Mike Keith.

When Mike Keith was being interviewed he said something very interesting about the Tennessee Titans fourth round pick. Mike Keith said,

“I know it isn’t as exciting on this end, because we are 17 days out, but the first pick in day two (Tennessee Titans second pic, the 33rd overall selection) and the first pick of day [three] (Tennessee Titans fourth pick, the 100th overall selection) are gonna be fascinating. The Titans hold a lot of cards throughout the course of this draft and what they are gonna do with those spots and how many calls they are gonna take for those spots is very interesting. Having pick 33 and having pick 100 -which a lot of people consider to be one of the more valuable picks in the draft because there is always somebody who slips through the draft who is always way, way, undervalued. So you can generally get a player who can really help you or you find someone who is desperately willing to get in there because they are desperate to get into that position.”

“The Titans hold a lot of cards throughout the course of this draft and what they are gonna do with those spots and how many calls they are gonna take for those spots is very interesting”-Mike Keith

That is a lot of information to chew up, but what it boils down to is that Mike Keith believes (and rightly so) that there will be someone who can help the Tennessee Titans at pick 100.

For those who don’t remember off the top of their head (like me) here is a cheat sheet to the history of the 100th pick in the NFL Draft and what sort of impact each player has had.

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  • 2014: San Francisco 49ers selected Brandon Thomas G/T, Clemson

    This was a compensatory pick so they couldn’t move it, however Brandon Thomas is projected to be a starter on the 2015 San Francisco 49ers and allowed them to move on from Mike Iupati, who they had questions about.

    2013:  Oakland Raiders traded out of this pick and ultimately netted Tyler Wilson, Mychal Rivera and Louis Murphy.

    While this isn’t a blockbuster trade, the Oakland Raiders did grab two starting caliber players in Mychal Rivera and Louis Murphy, and they took a shot at a guy that many liked in Tyler Wilson.

    2012: Cleveland Browns selected WR Travis Benjamin

    Travis Benjamin led his team in touchdowns last year, despite only catch 18 passes.

    2011: Buffalo Bills selected S Da’Norris Searcy

    Tennessee Titans fans know how good Da’Norris Searcy is. The Buffalo Bills safety played at a high level for many years and was an integral part of their defense last year.

    2010: The Minnesota Vikings traded up to get DE Everson Griffen

    While you may not know his name, Everson Griffen led his team in sacks last year with 12, and is one of the better all-around defensive ends in the league.

    2009: New York Giants selected TE Travis Beckum

    Again, not a big name, but Beckum came up big in the New York Giants Super Bowl winning season in 2011. Injuries have derailed his career, but he was good enough to start on a championship team.

    2008: Oakland Raiders selected DB Tyvon Branch

    Tyvon Branch has outplayed his draft status and was even franchised by the Oakland Raiders in 2012. After reaching a deal for a few years, Tyvon Branch is now expected to compete for a starting spot on one of the league’s top defenses: the Kansas City Chiefs.

    2007: Oakland Raiders selected RB Michael Bush

    While Michael Bush has been disappointing in large part, three of his six seasons graded out positively according to Pro Football Focus and he has been an above average secondary back.

    2006: San Francisco 49ers selected FB/RB Michael Robinson

    This is the best player on this list, though some are closer than you would imagine. Michael Robinson has been an absolute force at FB for the Seattle Seahawks during their back-to-back championship appearances and he has helped solidify their ground game. Without him, the Seattle Seahawks might not be nearly as effective on the ground which is their entire offensive identity at this point.

    2005: New England Patriots selected OL Nick Kaczur

    With another compensatory pick that couldn’t be traded, the New England Patriots grabbed a very solid lineman. Nick Kaczur was a starter on the 2007 Super Bowl team.

    Overall, the Tennessee Titans should be extremely happy to have such a valuable pick. Not only are above average starters almost a lock there, but it is one of the most tradeable pieces in the draft. If the Tennessee Titans want to move up for a player, it can be a very enticing piece and likewise if they want to move down then they should be in the middle of a bidding war.

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